WWE Backlash Predictions

Lamar BoltonContributor IApril 26, 2009

Less then eight hours from Backlash and I thought i get my predictions down for the record. For the record I have very little interest in the outcome of this PPV other then the Hardy Boys and which belt is going to Smack Down.

Right off the bat, Santino's Twin sister is going to be on the Khali kisscam one way or another. You know Santino is funny at times, I just dont know how long they cane keep this bit going.and another thing do you really want your crowd laughing at the start of the show or rev ed up and ready to go. Unless Santino has a way out of this he either gets squashed or "she " gets kissed.

The Kane CM Punk match will be a great indicator as to whether Punk will use the MITB case tonight. if he takes a bad enough beating , he most likely wont. But if the match is fairly short with a Punk win , or even A Kane squash you might see the case come into play tonight. Given how bad their match was last Monday, this one wont go long either way. Punk beats Kane with a quick GTS and the case is definitely in play tonight.

Next up is what you should have gotten at the legends match at WM25. Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat takes on Chris Jericho one on one. This one i think is a test to see what kinda pop Steamboat gets on his own. 

I don't think hell be coming back full time but if they can set it up right. He'll have his uses. I think Steamboat wins this because I think they want to stretch this out for at least one more PPV.

Next up , Hardy Vs Hardy, an "I quit Match". I have hated this thing from the start and now with Jeff Saying he wont renew his contract after it expires soon Whats the point.

The fact that this Lame Duck feud is going to be the end of Jeff Hardy is a perfect example of who some one can get buried if they don't fit into the mold they are suppose to fit in. what a waist. Matt takes this in a stain of a match in which both of them will need help to get to the back.

Six man tag is next , I am so over this whole thing. what started out as real promising feud has just fallen apart. Orton will win this and then starts the endless parade of  people that orton has punted in the head starting with Batista. dont rule out some McMahon family swerve just make ting interesting.

For the ECW belt, It's Jack Swagger vs. Christian. Since all of the plans for Christian have been scrapped , he wins this and Swagger moved to another show based on his match with Cena two weeks ago.

Christian is the next in line to prop up the ECW brand and he will do well. The one thing I would say about ECW is , throw Finlay a bone and let him have the belt for a little run.