Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich: Key Players to La Blaugrana Completing Comeback

Alana Nassiah@AlanaNassiahCorrespondent IMay 1, 2013

Gerard Pique will need to have one of his best games if Barcelona wants to stage a comeback.
Gerard Pique will need to have one of his best games if Barcelona wants to stage a comeback.Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

It will not be easy for Barcelona to complete a comeback against Bayern Munich. The team allowed Bayern to score four goals in the first leg. Tito Vilanova cannot afford to let the Bayern players have their way again.

If La Blaugrana has any chance of coming back, here are the players who must step up and have a near-perfect match.


Victor Valdes

Valdes is often a punchline for many fans who do not like Barcelona. He is seen as the weak link in an otherwise formidable team. Valdes did not play well against Munich in the first leg. His decision-making was poor, and he seemed lost before every goal conceded.

He will need to have a much better game in order for Barcelona to even attempt a comeback. The team cannot afford to concede any more goals in the second leg.

Valdes is the last line of defense. If his defenders slip up, he has to make the right decisions and keep the ball out of the back of the net.


Gerard Pique

Pique must have a near-impeccable match in the second leg. The defense will need his experience and leadership.

More than likely, Marc Bartra will line up alongside Pique, but it is still unknown who will replace Jordi Alba at left-back. Alba will miss the match due to yellow card accumulation.

Pique will be the veteran in the back. He will have to clean up the mistakes that any of his teammates may make.

It will also help if Pique has a good game on the front end. If the ball falls to him, he will have to convert his opportunities. He is a scoring threat, and there cannot be a plethora of missed chances in the second leg.


Marc Bartra

Bartra has been forced to grow up in the past few weeks. Barcelona needs him to have the game of his career in the second leg.

The 22-year-old has been solid at the back for Tito Vilanova's team. He will have to continue to do well, as the team will be depending on him to have a great game.

Bartra had several good opportunities to score in the first leg, but hesitation and a poor touch seemed to let him down. He cannot afford to let this happen again.

Barcelona needs him to take advantage of any opportunities that falls his way on set pieces. The team needs all the help it can get for this match.

The defense will be vastly important in order for Barcelona to attempt a comeback against Munich. Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez already know that they must step up and make things happen.

There is no doubt that the attacking players know that they must be aggressive in the second leg. This will happen, but they will need the defenders' help.

The team cannot concede any goals in the second leg. There is already a mountain that must be climbed. They cannot afford to make it bigger.