Washington Nationals: Bryce Harper's Journey to Stardom Chronicled

Andrew RoccoContributor IMay 1, 2013

Apr 24, 2013; Washington, DC, USA; Washington Nationals left fielder Bryce Harper (34) bats during the fifth inning against the St. Louis Cardinals at Nationals Park.  Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

When you’re only one calendar year into your big league career, and you have a made for ESPN documentary film about you, it’s safe to say you have arrived at the big time.

In some ways, it seems odd that there's already a documentary about Bryce Harper, considering he just finished his first 162 game cycle in the big leagues.

In other ways, it doesn't.

Harper graced the cover of Sports Illustrated at age 16 (and again at 20), being hyped as the "chosen one," and baseball's version of LeBron James.

The film features clips of hundreds of hours of behind-the-scenes footage of Harper’s time with the Washington Nationals. The documentary features interviews with Harper’s teammates, Cal Ripken Jr., Mike Trout, and Harper’s father, Ron.

Harper is still only 20, but has already won a Rookie of the Year award and is showing MVP potential in his second season with the Washington Nationals.

"Bryce Begins" starts off with his famous 500-foot home run viral video, talks about the SI cover, has footage of him playing in the minor leagues and also has Bryce discussing the notion that he was a preconceived "jerk."  

It truly was a well put together documentary.

It was interesting seeing things from Harper’s perspective and after watching it, many Harper naysayers may have a different perception of the star. He comes from a humble, blue-collar background and it’s clear that his upbringing played a part in his maturation process.

It also includes behind-the-scenes footage with the Harper family, chronicling his father, Ron, and how Bryce inherited his work ethic.

Plenty of experts, coaches and players from Ripken, Terry Francona, Ryan Zimmerman and agent Scott Boras weigh in. Making it even more obvious that Harper has the attention of not only the younger generation, but legends alike.

If Harper can indeed keep up the pace that he is on, we could be witnessing something special over the next decade.