Watch Andrew Bynum Give Flamenco Dancing a Try in Madrid

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistApril 30, 2013

Andrew Bynum is evidently going the alternative-rehabilitation route in his quest to play at the start of next season. Rather than getting an experimental procedure in Germany again, he's flamenco dancing in Spain.

Cafe de Chinitas, a restaurant in Madrid, posted this video on Monday of Bynum getting his groove on with a few dancers on stage at the very festive-looking eatery. 

Now, before we go and jump all over the guy and give him guff, calling this the "bowling incident 2.0," or comparing it to Bynum selfishly going bungee jumping despite the fact that his contract forbade it, I'm going to go ahead and defend him.

We often hear about how basketball players can be helped with balance and muscle strengthening through ballet, so obviously Bynum has found a substitute.

If ballet, full of precise spins and skillful leaps across the stage, helps a perimeter player improve his body control while getting into the lane, flamenco obviously exists to help big guys.

Take a look at some of the rudimentary moves that Bynum is whipping out. Can't you see the basketball-related footwork involved?

He starts out with short, quick steps obviously designed to disorient some of the older, uncoordinated big guys. Once the second woman joins in, Bynum gets a chance to work on positioning himself when somebody forgets to box out.

Just look back on the years full of slower, but sound-footed big men. Moses Malone wasn't quick in the twilight of his career, but he was able to get low and shimmy his way into position for any rebound. I bet he was a flamenco dancer.

So you see, this video isn't Bynum getting caught galavanting around the world after not playing a single game for the Philadelphia 76ers. It's him doing his best to get into playing shape for training camp.

Trust me, I'm sure we'll see him working on his conditioning, quickness, reflexes and endurance when he inevitably ends up running with the bulls in July