The Shadow's Come To The Light: WWE There Is a Phantom In Your Opera.

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIApril 26, 2009



I am waiting, watching and anticipating the moment to strike. I have sat back and watched and look at the demise of something that was once an over powering empire. It's time to get what's mine, I will strike but when the time is right......

Monday Night RAW

King- Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Raw we have an awesome show for you tonight so hold on to your seat's.

Cole- Yes you have that right King tonight we have Triple H going one on......( Interrupted by Vince McMahon's music intro)

Cole-Well we just have to wait and see, it look's like Vince mean's business right now.

Vince hits the strut like no other, his face could tell a whole story but is hard to read.

Vince grabs the mic, the fans can tell something is wrong so they just sit in a daze.

Vince-Hm mm I have built this company to what it has become, I took this company and built an empire and empire that no other company could touch.(Pauses and looks around in disgust)

Vince-But lately I have been sick to my got damn stomach, sick I tell you and you want to know why?

Vince-One of my greatest creations is going down the toilet like its nothing, but no, no, no its not my fault you want to know who fault it is the person I hired to get the job done. That person was suppose to take my creation and take it even further and make it even better.

Vince-But they have failed, not only have they failed me, they have failed you the WWE Universe.

Vince-So would the GM of Raw please come down here NOW!!!

The GM's music hits you can see the fear in the eyes of the GM, the eyes are glazed and focused on the ring as every step feels cautious.

Vince-Do you know why I called you into this ring today?

GM-Um.....(Vince interrupts)

Vince-Shut up did I tell you to speak, I run things around here if I tell you to jump you jump if I tell you to run you run.

Vince-I am going to get to the point, I made a decision that has come to be one of my worst decisions ever. Do you know what that is?

GM stands there awaiting for an answer

Vince-When I ask you a question you speak dammit!

GM-Well I have not been doing my job as GM by your standards.

Vince-Well what the heck, if you knew this why in the world have you not been doing your job? You make me sick get out of my ring YOUR FIRED.......


King-Welcome to an GM-less Raw but things are just started to heat up Cyber Sunday is this Sunday and we have an awesome match's for tonight's Raw.

Cole-So lets get started.

An explosion erupts and shakes the arena like an earth quake. Fuzz hits the screen, and becomes blank with an unfamillar masked man.

Phantom-Welcome to Monday Night Raw last week the GM was fired by non other than Vince McMahon. Vince you have lost your vision you have forgot what really made you, its time for things to change Mr. McMahon, I am the Phantom in your opera and its time to shake things up a bit(laughs).

King-Did I just see what I think we saw?

Cole-What does this all mean?


king-It seems there has been a new match added for tonight.

Cole-Yes King it seems to be that it will be a over the top rope match and the winner gets to stay while the losers have to leave.

The match gets set MVP, Hornswoggle, Khali, Santino Marrela, and Mike Knox are ready to go to battle when the lights go out.

The light set back on and there is only one left and the ring and that man is MVP.

The bell rings and announces MVP as the winner, MVP stands in amazement.

King-I have no idea what just went on there.

Cole-This night just keeps on getting more crazy than ever, but it seems that at this Sunday's PPV the Tag Team title's, US title, IC title and the return of the Cruiser weight title will all be on the line.


Vince is already in the ring, face is flushed with rage.

Vince-After sitting back and watching Raw and ECW, I had to be here for tonight's Smackdown.

Vince-Not only were superstars traded to ECW that I did not even allow, I lost money by buying ECW an two hour time slot.

Vince-Not only that I am being sued by superstars that werent even fired by me. I dont know who this Phantom guy thinks he is but he is messing with the wrong man.

Vince-I will rip you into shreds, why dont you step into the ring with me this Sunday and when I beat you, you have to show your face and your banned from here forever and you pay me back everything you owe.

The Phantom pops on the screen

Phantom-Vince, Vince, Vince you still don't get it, its all about you, it always has to be about you. But Vince things have just started things will heat up this Sunday and oh yeah Vince I accept your challenge but I might be to much for you to handle (laughs).

Vince-You want to play, you want to play with me this Sunday will be a Last Man Standing match.

The Phantom laughs and the screen goes off.

Vince-Who the hell do you think you are? No one plays games with me!


king-Its time for tonight's WWE title match.

Cole-Triple H is awaiting to see who the fans have selected to face off against Triple H.

The Screen pops up and the fans sit and await for the result's. The vote are starting to come up it is between Randy Orton, Batista, and The Big Show. But the lights go out....

King-Wait is that Shelton Benjamen, what he just hit Triple H with his finisher.

1, 2, 3

Cole-We have a new champion, we not only have new WWE champion that wasn't in the voting but, we also have a new World Heavyweight champion which is John Morrison.

King-Is tonight weird or what?

Cole-Yes it has been a weird night not only have we seen new champs and a return of the Cruiser weight title which was an awesome match, we have seen many changes in different superstars like they are an entirely different character, they have dropped these gimmicks they have held.

Vince music hits and hits his usual strut and is ready to brawl.

The lights go out, and when they come back on The Phantom is right behind him.

Vince-Well you actually had the grape fruits to show up, I was just planning to sue your a** but I guess we can get this done now. (Vince turns around and looks face to face with The Phantom)

Vince-Speak dammit.

Phantom-Vince how you doing, me I have been doing fine, while you been focusing on me you have been blind to the bigger picture. Instead of hurting you I have been helping you.

Vince-What are you getting at.

Phantom-Merchandise is booming, so I have paid my debt to you, the ratings are booming through the roof you haven't seen numbers like this since the 90's.

Vince-Not only have you tried to destroy my creation, now your trying to take credit for my success of late(laughs). You Know what I want to beat you down seeing your face, Mr. GM I know who you are you think I am dumb.

Phantom-Vince you are right you know who I am, but I am not the ex-GM(laughs).

Vince-Well who the hell are you than?

Phantom-I am someone you have ignored for years, someone who's been waiting needs you haven't delivered, someone you have stared at day in, day out.

The Phantom takes off the mask, time stands still. Vince face is in shock cant believe what he sees The Phantom has been with him all along......

The Phantom is me, you any fan that has sat and watched WWE programing with dissatisfaction and disappointment.

We as The Phantom have sent our message it is time for Vince McMahon to follow it and is a matter of time and wait..


Vince steps out of the ring shocked, face is pale white.

He walks all the way to the top and looks around and has finally realized he is lost, he has been stuck in his own world and has finally been awakened from his dream and now knows his time has come..

Vince McMahon Era has ended, and a new era of Pro Wrestling is amoung us.

Or is it?


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