Tremendous LFL Hit Sends Opposition to the Ground for Impromptu Nap

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 30, 2013

Call off the search, because we found the biggest hit in LFL history. 

BroBible happened upon a video you might find to be interactive, because we certainly felt this hit all the way from here. 

Here is the video that we warn contains NSFW language.

Legends Football League—formerly the Lingerie Football League—released a charming press release that pairs rather well with this hit. 

Like a fine wine with your ribeye steak, enjoy their audacious claims and breakdown of a brutal hit from the Los Angeles Temptation's quarterback, via BroBible

In the recent LFL Pacific Division rivalry game of Los Angeles Temptation at Chicago Bliss, LA quarterback Ashley Salerno proves why she is the toughest quarterback in the league lowering her shoulder and literally knocking-out Bliss safety Alli Alberts. 

This hit proves what fans have been saying for the past couple of years, LFL Football is turning into a more physical game than the NFL.

Alberts does seem to take a quick nap on the turf, but then again, she may just be contemplating how anyone in their right mind would let a semi-truck on the field—and by golly, did anyone get the license plate number. 

Still, my favorite part of the entire video is the moment after Salerno knocks Alberts to the turf when she kindly asks her to stay on the ground so she can rest up comfortably. 

Well, she didn't use those words, but it was rather effective. 

There you go, fans. All of you whining about the No Fun League taking away all of the hard hits have a perfect alternative in the LFL—well, according to the LFL. 


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