Gerry Penalosa: Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IApril 26, 2009

Courage can be found even at the most unlikely predicament.

He who surrenders to live and fight another day displays the biggest deed of bravery.

It takes a man to win a battle.

On the other hand, it takes more than being a man to accept defeat.

After nine rounds of a one-sided contest. Gerry Penalosa with the advise of famed trainer Freddie Roach, waved the white flag to the delight of the thousands in attendance at the Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez, Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

It was a bout of two champions but at the end, the younger catalyst, Juan Manuel Lopez, proved to be too much for the 36-year-old Filipino pride.

Lopez dominated the fight all throughout, although there were instances when Penalosa would launch a flurry of brilliance that did not seem to bother the Puerto Rican champion.

Penalosa was staggered and stunned on numerous occasions, and there were times when it looked like he was almost ready to receive the first knockdown of his storied career.

But heart kept him on his knees.

Penalosa showed he was never intimidated by the champion's feared aura. He stood his ground as a result he took tremendous punishment from Lopez.

Any of those punches could have knocked out Penalosa, but he chose not do roll over and die.

Never had Penalosa fought anyone as strong, as durable and as big as Lopez.

On the contrary, never had Lopez fought anyone as determined, as big-hearted and as dedicated as Penalosa.

In the end, it's safe to say that both warriors went crazy.

A 36 year-old man tried to cheat his age and went crazy unable to avoid Lopez's punishing blows.

A young, aggressive champion went crazy in giving his all, but still unable to knockout Penalosa.

Sometimes you really can't turn back the hands of time in your favor.

Sometimes you wished that you were 10 years younger.

Makes me think, What could it be if Lopez fought Penalosa at the peak of the latter's physical prowess?

Makes me think...