The Blueprint For TNA Wrestling, And The Reconstruction For The WWE.

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIApril 26, 2009

As the days go past us, and yesterday just becomes memories, things become older and basically things change. So there come's a time for a rebuilding stage to start off fresh and create a new beginning, a beginning to take you back to the top.

So why not take the world of Pro Wrestling and take Sports and Entertainment to Dr. 90210 and give it a face lift and a whole new beginning.

Far gone are the day's off the Attitude Era, the Monday Night Wars, the real main stream exposure and memories that will stick for a life time.

As Wrestling gets older the stars who made it Pro Wrestling what it has become start to get older. Austin, Sting, Hogan, Rock, Nash, Hart, and a list that goes on and on although too are still active there great days have flew by like a jet plane.

It is time for Pro Wrestling to have a new start, to create new memorie's, to try and attempt to make the "Great Days" of wrestling the past and to look at the future.

TNA Wrestling blasted on to the scene with a new beginning with fresh face's, a new stage and took something we knew as the Cruiserweight Division and made it to so much more.

But as the exposure started to hit and the veteran's started to come and recognition set in TNA Wrestling started to fall flat on their face.

Now it's time to give a new direction make a new foundation it's time for.........


Sorry Matt Morgan it's time to talk about the real BLUEPRINT this time.

With a great talented roster, that can amaze you at any moment and a new fresh idea like the X Division, you wonder why isn't TNA more respected than what it is now.

Well you don't have to wonder no more with the dumb gimmick's, and all the hype of over exagerated gimmick match's it start's to become a little um boring.

I am not going to say name's but some on this very B/R Wrestling Community can't even watch two minutes of the TNA Wrestling Impact program.

It seem's TNA went from making their own path to following the step's of the past, and being influenced by fellow company the WWE.

It's time to take a step back and reset the vision you were trying to build TNA, so let's take a look at what can be done, not saying it will help but it could earn you more viewer's than rather have them turn it after two minute's (laughs).


The X-Division

If any thing this is what grabbed my attention to even view TNA Wrestling. The fast pace action not just by Cruiserweight sized wrestlers but wrestler's who could compete at Heavyweight the main one being Samoa Joe.

But TNA took the X-Division and what was known as NO LIMIT'S, became something we have all ready scene for so many years ( Cruiser weight).

There was a time when the X-Division even took the main event spot, TNA showcased their title's like everyone was just as important but those day's are done.

So what can be done?

Instead of focusing on the Knockout Division and upgrading that it is time to put effort back into the X-Division.

Don't highly depend on a gimmick match for the X-Division to succeed, it is has been proved that you can have a great match with no weapon's (Undertaker vs HBK).

Spice the division up and make main stream storylines for the division.



I honestly don't see the point of this storyline no more it went from showing respect to I have no idea.

TNA like's to think they are helping and putting over the younger talent with this storyline but they need to wake up and realize they have failed. The only one who is showing success from this is AJ Styles by capturing the Legends title.

This storyline needs to end before it becomes another NWO. They need to shake things up and make a shock and end this storyline with a bang.

First before that ending happen's they really need to do what this storyline what it was suppose to do and that is put over the young talent.


Stop trying to be like WWE and follow their humor and etc because it is not working one bit, it hurts my eyes and ears.

Don't try to follow others make your self the leader, make a new beginning. It has been proved that being your self works (Austin, The Rock).

You don't need to use gimmick match's all the dang time because honestly they suck, just the name of the match sounds unattractive Doomsday hell of blood match (laugh's) that's not really a name but I wouldn't be shocked if TNA used it.

Also why would you put a star you were building to become great under a mask just to succeed, that make's no sense at all to me. I would rather see Kaz and Daniels as just that Kaz and Daniels rather than Suicide.



Just be you get all that corny crap out of here and stop with the dumb storylines that we seen before but you put your own dumb twist to it.

TNA right now your having an identify crisis people miss WCW well you can have those great day's back by just watching TNA.

Don't let your mind play tricks on you, it might seem like it says TNA but it really is WCW right before they got canceled.

Basically TNA it's time to start building your roster, and start promoting the younger talent and get their name's out there.

Kurt, Nash, Booker T, Sting and all those other guys will not and cannot be there forever so it's time to step your game up or fail like the one's before you.

It's time to start pushing performer's like Roode, Styles, Daniels and have Kaz lose the mask and just be Kaz.



Well this is not going to take long well I hope but let's get it started.

Okay WWE you recently brought my attention back into wrestling but you are pushing me back out once again.

You have pulled some suprises but the end result was not so satisfying.  WWE, you are forgetting what made you win the battle in the first place and that is pushing younger talent and making great memorie's that no one will ever forget.

It's time to push the names like Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, MVP, Mr. Kennedy (when healthy), and tons of other superstars.

But no you would rather send us through de ja vu like we are all Denzel Washington. For a few year's now we have seen the same star's in main event status with the similar main event's at Mania.

Just to name a few Cena, Edge, Batista, Triple H and few more but it seem's WWE think's these name's will deliver every year.

Someone said Vince McMahon was losing touch with this generation of fans (Shane Howard) and you know what that someone might be right.

Just look who he picked to perform at this year's WM, Kid Rock, yes Kid Rock.

1. He is not from Houston or no part of Texas

2. Who listens to Kid Rock any more?

WWE if you what to keep up with today's times, you need to target your audience especially now you went PG.

I did not come up with this idea but think about it if you have Hannah Montana perform at Mania the kid's would go wild, you would get rating's and buy's like nothing.

Not saying I am a fan but in less your a long time wrestling fan, no body is watching any more you have lost those Attitude Era fans once that ride stopped they hoped on to new things.

It's time to build a new support grab people's attention with names like Lil Wayne, Montana, heck even 50 Cent do something that no one would expect, and I mean no one people love the shock factor.

Also it is time to kill these dumb gimmicks that are as dumb as TNA's. If I were a current wrestler on the roster and when asked if I were beat by Hornswoggle I would want to quit right then and there.

Come on this thing has been played out, and has became old and boring and to be honest Hornswoggle is holding Finlay back.

Now let me get to Marella although he has the laugh factor it is time to have him do what he was actually signed for and that is to wrestle stop embarrassing talent with these dumb gimmick's.

It would be great if Marella wrestled great and put on an awesome match and be funny at the same time, because this gimmick is getting old.

And for Khali I just have two words for that: FIRE HIM.

Stop signing wrestler's who can't perform,€ why would you want to sign a wrestler if you know they are not going to reach the top one day.

Did you honestly think Marrela, Khali and Hornswoggle and others like Boogeyman would be future main status staple's for the company and be long time champs.

Stop pushing guys who don't deserve it and push the guys who been going in day and night and working hard but receive nothing for their hard work.

And ultimately Mr. McMahon I think it's time to BOW OUT.



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