Hornswoggle's Tadpole Splash and Wrestling's Worst Aerial Moves

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistApril 29, 2013

Hornswoggle's Tadpole Splash and Wrestling's Worst Aerial Moves

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    WWE's Countdown YouTube series recently counted down the top 10 top rope finishers.  Given the spectacle of a grown man launching himself into the air before crashing down on his opponent, these moves rarely come without some aspect of entertainment.

    But the ones that do severely fail to impress.  They also underwhelm in terms of convincing fans that what they just saw was a painful maneuver capable of finishing off an opponent.

    Some aerial moves are even doomed from the start as tributes to a superstar who could do it like no other.  Accordingly, nobody else should have followed suit. 

5. CM Punk's Flying Elbow Drop

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    It may not be necessarily bad.  But it's nothing like the picture-perfect flying elbow drops performed by Shawn Michaels and Randy Savage, whose memory is personified through this maneuver.

    Savage flew through the air effortlessly.  He landed with a rare combination of fierceness and grace similar to a pelican diving for its dinner. 

    CM Punk's landing is graceless by comparison.  Watch as this wrestling species flails through the air, waiving his arms and legs erratically before finally landing what he calls an elbow drop. 

4. John Morrison's Starship Pain

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    Sure, it looks cool, but if John Morrison was in a street fight and this was the most powerful move in his arsenal, he'd be more screwed than the tool that this move was dedicated to.

    Starship Pain is a visually-stimulating top-rope move, but one that does not appear painful.  Morrison rarely landed on his opponent with this finisher, so winning matches with it made it difficult for fans to suspend their disbelief. 

3. Vickie Guerrero's Hog Splash

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    The legendary Guerrero wrestling heritage doesn't apply to Vickie.  And while the widow of Eddie Guerrero shines as a heel character, her in-ring work is intentionally comical. 

    Ironically, one of Vickie's low points as an in-ring competitor came from the top rope at WrestleMania XXVI.  There, she hit a terrible top rope splash on Kelly Kelly, landing on her feet before collapsing onto the former Diva. 

    Michael Cole couldn't help but dub it the "Hog Splash." 

2. Hornswoggle's Tadpole Splash

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    Standing at a height that barely peers over the second rope, Hornswoggle really shouldn't be competing against normal-sized opponents, even in the cartoon world of the WWE. 

    Not only does he compete, he has won his share of matches with a finisher that can't be much more debilitating than a raindrop to the chest. 

    Here, Hornswoggle was able to take out the entire Money in the Bank field from WrestleMania XXV.  Seriously, WWE? 

1. Sid's Flying Big Boot

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    One night during the dying days of WCW, Sid decided to launch his 300-pound frame from the second rope and land on one foot.  He would not be able to use that foot for several months. 

    Sid's flying big boot was as bad of an idea as letting him cut a promo longer than 10 seconds.  The move would unfortunately end his career as a significant performer on the national pro wrestling stage. 

    Needless to say, it has seldom been attempted since. 

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