The State Of African-American Champions Pt. 1

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 25, 2009

This a three part story on African-American World Champs and Champs in general and will discuss Who could be next and who were the best.

Ron Simmions, Booker T, and The Rock are the only noticeable African-American World Champions in wrestling history.

The WWE hasn't had a good World Champion since The Rock even though The Rock is not a full African-American but half Samoan to.

The first African-American World Champion was Ron Simmons and the first overall World Champion in WCW or WWE.

The second was The Rock but the first to win a WWE Championship.

The third was Booker T but the second to win the WCW World Championship and second to win The World Heavyweight Championship.

The fourth was Bobby Lashely who was the first to in the ECW World Champion.

African-American Champions by the numbers:

WWE Championship: The Rock (6X)

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: (King) Booker T (1X)

ECW Championship: Bobby Lashely (2X) and Mark Henry (1X)

WCW World Champion: Ron Simmons (1X), Booker T (5X), and The Rock (2X)

In the World Champion belts we have seen four different World Champs and they have had either Hall of Fame career's or are still in there prime as Ron Simmons won the first World Championship of any kind on August 2, 1992.

Intercontinental Championship: Ahmed Johnson (1X), The Rock (2X), The Godfather (1X), D-Low Brown (1X), Booker T (1X), Shelton Benjmain (3X), and Kofi Kingston (1X)

It has in history gone unnoticed that Ahmed Johnson was the first African-American Intercontinental Champion. There have been seven different Intercontinental Champions and some career's have faltered after they won the IC Championship and some have grown and become World Champs but it is another concern because the IC title has been for up-and-comers on there way to World title status, something will have to change if we want to see more IC Champs because that would mean more World Champs.

United State Championship: Bobo Brazil (1X), Booker T (4X), Orlando Jordan (1X), Bobby Lashely (1X), MVP (2X), and Shelton Benjmain (1X)

The US Championship dates back all the way to the NWA days and Bobo Brazil was the first African-American as he was one of the best back in the hay-day. Some of the wrestlers on this list have been at the cusp of being in the World Title picture but haven't gotten there just yet. This a title I could see more African-American's winning in the future.

European Championship: D-Low Brown (4X) and Mark Henry (1X)

These two held the European Championship but they are the only two as D-Low Brown was the first African-American to win it.

World Tag Team Championship: Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson (1X), The Actolytes and APA (Ron Simmons) (2X), Rock 'N' Sock Connection, Undertaker and Jericho (The Rock) (5X), Booker T & Test, Goldust, and RVD (3X), Dudley Boys (D-Von Dudley) (8X) and Kofi & CM Punk (1X)

The Tag Team Championships were taking by storm as the first African-American or American's won any gold for the first time in wrestling history as the team of Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson won the World Tag Championship titles against the Samoans on November 15, 1983. Some of the African-American that have one it have one single titles and World titles and done it in grand fashion.

WWE Tag Team Championship: MVP & Matt Hardy (1X), Benjamin and Haas (2X), and D-Von Dudley (1X)

MVP, Bejamin, and D-Von Dudley are the only to win WWE Tag Champion that are African-American and it wil be like that forever unless the split up the WWE Tag Team titles.

Women's Championship: Jacqueline (2X) and Jazz (2X)

Both women have been great champions with there reigns as champions and there are the one-two punch that will never happen until the third comes along.

WWE Divas Championship: There hasn't been a African-American women that has won this title yet.

Cruiserweight Championship: Elix Skipper (1X) and Jacqueline (1X)

Skipper was the first African-American man and Jacqueline was the first and only woman to win a men's title. Skipper had all the potential in the world to be a better and bigger champion but was held back.

Hardcore Championship: K-Kwick also known as R-Truth (2X) and Booker T (2X)

R-Truth was the first to win the WWE Hardcore Championship as followed by Booker T but the first African-American Hardcore Champion was the one and only Norman Smiley.

Light Heavyweight Championship: There has never been a Light Heavyweight Champion.

There has been a combined of

There have been twenty-three different African-American Champions.

There have been nineteen different Single Champions and twenty different Tag Team Champions.

Of the twenty-three more than six have one different titles and more than four have also won tag titles.

The State of African-American is in a state were there is an opportunity to have more but they have to get the push to do it.

Pt. 2 will be Who is next to be a World Champion at the highest level.

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