WWE SmackDown: Is The Shield Being Positioned to End the Undertaker's Streak?

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistApril 28, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

WWE SmackDown ended with The Shield receiving the tremendous honor of putting The Undertaker through a table

Lost in the extraordinary beatdown was Dean Ambrose losing cleanly, though not before dishing out the majority of the punishment. 

The WWE's hottest stable remained strong and protected, and it has never been hotter. 

The Undertaker has returned for a very rare, limited TV run, and it has paid off by putting over The Shield as an even more dangerous unit.  He likely won't be back for quite some time. 

The Shield has devoured John Cena, Ryback and now The Undertaker over the past two months.  With such an onslaught of top stars notched on their utility belts, it seems as if there is nowhere to go but down.

But there may be so much more potential. 

With WrestleMania XXX looming, the 48-year-old phenom could end his career at the milestone pay-per-view.  The Undertaker's last match will create legitimate discussion as to whether or not he will do the ultimate honors and end his streak to put over an up-and-coming superstar. 

Or, in this case, a stable. 

Given the limited fashion in which The Shield competes on TV and pay-per-view, there is plenty of juice to carry them into next WrestleMania season if the WWE continues to pace them appropriately. 

Despite unceremonious singles losses that are always trumped by post-match beatdowns, The Shield has been promoted as a group that is undefeated as a team. 

This particular undefeated streak could rival The Undertaker's streak, especially if he continues to lose his rare TV and pay-per-view outings. The mounting losses could raise questions about The Undertaker's so-called powers and whether or not he has lost them.  The stage would be set for WrestleMania.

The streak as we know it could end.  And in one match, three potential stars of the future could be made.  

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