WWE Monday Night Raw: 5 Questions That Must Be Answered

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIApril 29, 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw: 5 Questions That Must Be Answered

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    The biggest question and crisis the WWE never wanted to deal with may finally be staring the company in the face.

    John Cena was injured while in a match in Europe. With the injury, the question now becomes, "How will this affect the current WWE Champion?"

    Maybe more importantly, the question should be, "How obvious now is it that Ryback will take the belt off John Cena at Extreme Rules?" Or "If Ryback wins the WWE Title, does CM Punk come back sooner than later as a face to beat the behemoth champion?"

    All great questions, more great fodder for the WWE and its Universe, and part of the dilemma the WWE must address on Monday night if there is more to Cena's injury than a pull or bruise. 

    But that might just be the tip of the iceberg. Here are some questions that need to be answered on Monday night.

How Much More Dynamic Can Ryback Be?

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    We saw the promo he did in the ring with Mick Foley last week.

    While he was comical for repeating himself almost a dozen times (he looked like a muscle man with Tourette's Syndrome), he looked like he was trying to get over as a heel.

    It partially worked. He spoke his peace to Foley and almost pulled off being totally hated by the WWE fans across the pond.

    Only one little problem—Ryback is so slow in his delivery, it still has no connection with the WWE fans in attendance or the television screen.

    Since John Cena stated he will be at Raw on Monday night, it shall be worth seeing if the injury is played upon by Ryback.

    Also, since this is a game of human chess, I suspect Ryback will have the last laugh Monday night.

How Long Will The Shield Go Undefeated?

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    I find it ironic that The Shield is in a program with The Undertaker. After The Undertaker takes his WrestleMania record to 21-0, The Shield continues to remain unbeaten as well.

    This is a dynamic program where both sides are selling it well.

    How does it end? Do we want it to end? While the WWE continues to miss on several marks of late, this is one that continues to gain steam.

Do We Really Care About Randy Orton and Big Show?

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    Not really, but there is no other real competition for either man.

    While Sheamus and Mark Henry are battling as well, it means four main-event wrestlers are fighting it out on the screen, which makes fans happy. The current state of the WWE proves however, that this is a watered-down company that needs an infusion of talent.


Does the WWE Universe Like Fandango or Just His Gimmick?

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    I would say the latter, not the former.

    Fandango will become the United States Champion before long. It is inevitable. When that happens, however, depends on his marketability. 

    The fans love to chant his theme song and watch beautiful women dance with him, but they do not take to him in the ring yet. 

    And to be honest, I think Johnny Curtis can be a very good wrestler in this company.

Will the Divas Battle Between Kaitlyn and AJ Heat Up?

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    I sure hope so.

    This is certainly a way to get the Divas Division off life support.

    Two friends become enemies and then get a chance to fight it out over the Divas Title?

    Sounds like something we might see on the men's side of the ledger. Kaitlyn and AJ have a chance to make this a very good title match. We only need to hope it can live up to potential and hype.