Why We Love the NFL

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IApril 4, 2008

With all the problems in many other sports, we always turn to the NFL. No problems stick to the NFL, and ratings are always great. Here are some reasons why.

1. The NFL niped the drug problem in the bud. The NFL was pro-active toward drug problems, not reactive. Sure, there are steroid users in the NFL. In the NFL, they are actually caught and suspended. At least the NFL instituted the drug testing, and didn't stall like baseball. MLB resisted drug testing, and that made the steroid problem much worse.

2. The NFL has a fair playoff system, not a crappy screwed up joke (*wink* *wink* NCAA *wink*). Everyone plays the same numbers of games, and the best records go to the playoffs. The playoffs are a fair, single-elimination tournament. The team that survives wins the Super Bowl. Also, the playoffs don't make the regular season irrelevant.

3. The NFL has a salary cap, evening the playing field. There are no Yankees or Red Sox, and no one can buy a championship or players, unless they are smart with their budget. That contributes to the "any given Sunday" parity in the NFL.

4. Everyteam DOES have a chance. The NFC South in the NFL has had four different winners in the past four years. Would you ever see that in the AL East? No. Either the Red Sox or Yankees win every year, and the Orioles, Rays, and Blue Jays have to just stand and watch. 

5. The NFL is the ultimate team game. There are no ball hogs, and no one goes 1-on-1 while every one else stands and watches. Five offensive lineman have to block, the QB has to read the field, and the receivers have to run their routes correctly. The NFL isn't a superstar league. Teams, not individuals, are the key to success.

6. The ratings are always great, and it doesn't matter if you have big market teams, or small market teams. The NBA relies on the Lakers and Celtics to deliver ratings, while MLB relies on the Yankees to get ratings. That is why NBA Finals ratings are so low when San Antonio and Detroit play in the Finals. Also, MLB ratings suffered when Detroit and St. Louis played in the World Series.  

7. The Super Bowl is a great show and means everything. Other sports have seven game series that dilute the importance of each individual game. The Super Bowl is a one game all or nothing scenario. Also, the Super Bowl is extremely entertaining, with the music and festivities.

8. The NFL doesn't try to make the Pro Bowl "count". Baseball's "this time it counts" was a stupid idea to add meaning to an exibition game. For the NFL, it is just a trip to Hawaii.

9. Fantasy and gambling. All of us play fantasy football. It adds great fun and interest to a game you would otherwise not care about. Also, gambling (Note: I do not and will not gamble) adds to the excitement for some people.

Thanks for reading.