3 Count's Debut: The British Factor: SmackDown and Raw Become Real Again

KumarCorrespondent IApril 25, 2009

This is a new series by me. I remember going on WWE.com to always listen to "3 Count", a "prediction questionnaire" of WWE by the three things that will affect a PPV.

This format of a new series is writing about a specific inspiration that I have into three examples. The name? Originally, it's 3 Count.

I sat down at Raw a couple nights ago, praying that the final subpar build to Backlash would be more than I expected. I saw that it was in Britain, specifically the O2 (London’s MSG).  I was cheerful again, and my mood changed from angry S.O.B. to happy-go-lucky High Schooler.

Why? The British fans.

These select fans are probably the smartest in the world. Most, if not all, are complete smarks, which reins a good thing for us. There have been many, many examples where their reaction is great, but some of the best I’ve ever seen came from last night.

Example I: CM Punk gets booed, and Edge, during his chair shot, gets the biggest pop he’s gotten since Unforgiven 2006.

During Raw, I saw that the reactions were so extremely gripped to being made by complete smarks that I thought I saw Stone Cold in the back.  When CM Punk came out, the fans expressed their hatred for Punk winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. The pop was lighter than even Jeff Hardy's (aka Hated by Smarks). Hardy got an ovation, due to the appreciative push WWE's been giving him. If he gets released, I think I might puke. The night also included an ovation to Kane during that match, as you could see on Punk’s face during the match that he struggled to get any reaction of any kind.

Then came Cena vs. Jericho. Great match, but of course, as WWE loves to push it…a screwjob ending. Edge comes in on one of the best pieces of Jericholican work I’ve seen a while, pushes Cena out of a Superplex to end the match. Edge then goes for a Spear, which he does great work on, and then goes for a one-man con-chair-to. This is where Edge gets his own legacy. These shots do it, and the fans help.

Hell, when WWE’s doing recap promos, they can’t even silent out the pop he got. This takes me to over to SmackDown.

Example II: Edge couldn’t get almost any heat on his promo last night.

Edge comes out to an extreme reaction by the crowd. It’s clear by now that Edge is hailed as King by the British crowd. As the Edge vs. Cena feud turns serious nearing Backlash, Edge can’t cut a decent promo without the help of WWE’s famed canned heat.

For those who don’t know, you can see when WWE uses canned heat (only on SmackDown) by looking at how long the boos tend to die down. On Edge’s promo, it seemed that every time he said something, the “fans” booed him, and then died down in a matter of a millisecond. That, my friends, is trademark WWE canned heat.

I also have heard from one of my British college friends (from going to the show) that there were a number not doing anything during the promo, and the Cena chant at the end was almost not evident.

Talking about heat, where the hell was Orton’s?

Example III: Randy Orton got a bigger pop than Triple H on Raw. Shane and Batista are practically not even there.

Out of all the circumstances, this seems the rarest. Although Randy Orton gets a mixed reaction, Triple H got none compared to him. For the last couple months, even in the U.S., Triple H hasn’t had a good pop when he feuds with Orton.

The No-DQ match was a great match, with plenty of spots.  Every punch Triple H threw with his trademark draw, Orton gave one hell of a bump. The match went on and on, and Triple H even got DDT on the steel.

When Batista came out, I don’t think the crowd was even awake. Burned.

Guess what, guys? RKO gets cheered, and when RKO hits the RKO, the crowd goes nuts again. Evidence proves that the Age of Orton has begun…again.

Here’s the good stuff…

This leads me to think…does WWE make things purposely better in Britain? Do they try their best to get the British on the face’s side? For years, it hasn’t worked at all, but until it does, we’ll keep getting good matches, better booking, and a lot more R-K-O chants.

Conclusion: Everything’s better in Britain for once. Regal’s better than Cena (somewhat), Keira Knightley was ALWAYS better than Paris Hilton, and the WWE fans there are smarter than here, which makes them better as well!