Toronto Maple Leafs: Theory Busters Part One

AndrewCorrespondent IApril 25, 2009

29 Apr 2000:  Toronto Maple Leaf fans cheers on their team during round two of the NHL Eastern Conference semifinals against the New Jersey Devils at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada. The Devils defeated the Maple Leafs 1-0. Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart/Allsport

Since October 9, 2009, people have been saying lots of things regarding the Toronto Maple Leafs. Some of these statements have been just so horribly incorrect that it's almost impossible to explain my frustration.

Of course, the thing about Toronto fans is that when they hear a fellow fan say something, they just go along with it without taking the time to reason with the theory being given.

Therefore, I will take it upon myself to debunk the lies.


First up is a theory that I've heard way too often and am sure is not true. Before I even identify it, I want you to look at these stats;

GP     G     A     P     +/-      PIM

72     2     12   14     -12      71

Not very impressive, eh? I'm going to have to ask readers to not immediatly begin Google-searching these numbers.

Instead, let's pretend you're the Leafs' general manager, and there's a 27-year-old defenseman on the team that has gotten the same stats as listed above for consecutive years now. Would you re-sign him?

Since I have not told you who this player is, or if he is even a Leaf at the moment, the first thing you're thinking is probably that he's a defenseman of the Belak-type (due to his shocking shooting stats). You're probably also assuming that he isn't the Jeff Finger-type that doesn't gather up that many points, but that he's very affective on the ice.

Well, what if I told you the mystery man's plus/minus was -12?

Despite the tough season Tomas Kaberle had, I'd pick him over this unknown, because from his stats, the shadowy figure does not at all look like he's been up to much. I'd probably also feel safer with Pavel Kubina or Ian White on the ice instead of this question mark.


So if you need to know, this mystery player is Luke Schenn.

Now, before I get on everyone's bad side for bad-mouthing Schenn, hear me out. My argument isn't that he's the worst player on the Leafs roster. No, I'm simply stating that Luke is not the best defenseman that plays for the Leafs.

Leaf fans tend to get excited over how well Luke Schenn is doing in his rookie season, saying he's playing better than the rest. But honestly, he is not.

Schenn is the most promising Leaf right now, but he is not a top player as of this moment. Like in the example I gave above, if Luke was 27 years old, with those stats,  he wouldn't get very far.


I'm not saying that Luke Schenn is a bad player this season; more that he will get better with time. He is a good player, but he is just not the top defenseman on the team right now.

He's the most promising, and maybe he'll be the best in a couple of years, but for now he is not.

So, in conclusion: Andrew concludes that the theory that Luke Schenn is the best defenseman the Leafs have is false.

Look for more articles from me disproving common misconceptions about the Maple Leafs.