Get Rid Of ECW's New Manager

Sergio RunningdeerContributor IApril 25, 2009

I am madder than a skunk that smelled his own butt.

What the hell is wrong with the WWE?

Who is this new ECW manager and where did they get her from? This woman has the vernacular and the excitement of a doorknob! Atleast with Vickie Guerrero, even though she was not a looker, one could expect a decent show.

Teddy Long, he sure knows how to play to the crowd, but this woman whose name now escapes my feeble mind, truly doesn't know a wristwatch from a wristlock!

The dream that Paul Heyneman started so long ago is dead. Thanks in part to the WWE, the lack of a believable talent on the ECW's roster has left a sour taste in my mouth. I can do a better job as the ECW's GM.

Don't get me wrong folks, ECW has the talent and the potential of being a great product if only the WWE would sit down and watch the crap that they are trying to feed to us every Tuesday night on the SyFy channel.

I see talent like Mark Henry, Tommy Dreamer, CM Punk, and a plethora of others, whom may I add, are excellent performers (note that I use the word performers and not wrestlers) who have been pushed aside in order to market these new, young guys. These are guys who, in my honest opinion, should be selling burgers somewhere instead of polluting the airwaves like they do every week.

The WWE owes us, the fans of ECW, a better product since it is with our hard earned money that these so called superstars get paid. Let's face it folks, we pay for their salaries because if it wasn't for us WWE fans, there wouldn't be a WWE. They owe to us the respect that we deserve. Give us what we expect from them, an unadulterated product, with real story lines and an intelligent show that makes sense.

Let me leave you with this thought: Christian vs Jack Swagger? C'mon!!!