Last Call For Vince and Shawn Michaels

Jared FarverCorrespondent IApril 25, 2009

Recently I read an article written by Gary Williams about what Vince McMahon's last storyline should be.

It really got me thinking about what it should be and how Vince should leave the WWE.

I believe Vince should leave as a face and with the fan's support.

So, with all of this said lets begin what I think Vince's final storyline should be.

It starts with Vince saying he has become to old to travel WWE's rough schedule and that he is ready to step down as owner of the WWE. Vince decides that Shane McMahon, his son, should be the new owner of the WWE. Shane tells his father thanks for believing in him and that he won't let him down.

Fast forward to a month later and Shane has become power hungry and a jerk to everyone that doesn't suck up to him. This is what his father was known for throughout his career. Shane puts his mark on every show and he tells everyone what to do. If they don't do as he says he will either fire them or put them through hell.

Shane has become the new "Vince".

After a while longer of Shane acting like the King of the WWE, Vince comes back and he tells Shane that he should change his ways. Vince also tells Shane how being a control freak will ruin his life.

Shane doesn't listen and continues to whatever he wants, when ever he feels like it.

So, Vince comes back again with the same message to Shane. Shane comes out to the ring with his father and says, "Thanks Pops, but I know what I'm doing."

Vince continues to make appearances on shows with the same message to Shane about ruining his life.

Shane tells everyone on Raw that he is tired of hearing his good for nothing father. Shane says Vince is jealous of how well he is running the WWE.

The next week on Raw Shane calls out Vince to the ring. The fans cheer for Vince and it's clear they would rather have him than Shane.

Shane makes Vince a proposal about a match. Shane tells Vince that they are both going to choose a superstar to wrestle the other's superstar. If Shane's wrestler wins then Vince will be fired and if Vince's wrestler wins Shane will be fired. Shane then tells Vince this match will take place at Wrestlemania 26.

Vince tells Shane he doesn't want this match to happen.

Shane bad mouths Vince to the fans and calls him a chicken.

Vince then tells Shane that he accepts and says good luck.

Shane tells Vince he has already chosen the wrestler that will be representing him at Wrestlemania. That man is Triple H and he is the biggest heel at the time. Triple H accepted because he said he is tired of hearing Vince and says it's time for a change in the WWE.

Vince chooses Shawn Michaels because he is "Mr. Wrestlemania".

Shane then decides to make it whichever team loses will be fired since he hates Shawn Michaels.

No one is allowed at ring side and it's a beautiful match between the two great wrestlers.

Triple H wins and Shawn Michaels have just wrestled for the last time. Shawn stays in the ring saying his final goodbyes. It's a very emotional moment.

Shane comes out and tells Shawn he is fired and to get out of his ring. Shane then calls Vince out. Shane fires Vince in the ring with a smile on his face.

Shawn who was still hugging fans and making his way up the ramp runs back down to the ring. Shawn gives Shane some Sweet Chin Music.

Shawn leaves Vince alone in the ring and he says good bye to everyone that is a WWE fan. Vince looks like a caring father and good man while leaving.

Shane now has tons of heat on him. Vince walks out of the business with fans cheering for him at his creation, Wrestlemania.

I think this would be a great final storyline for Vince and Shawn both.

What do you guys think?