Hull City Mugged By 12 Man Liverpool

Brian RhodesSenior Analyst IApril 25, 2009

Picture demonstrates two Liverpool players clearly in off side positions for the first goal.

In the opening exchanges of this top vs bottom clash, the team at the bottom made the Premiership leaders Liverpool look like the team at the bottom. The industrious way in which the Tigers tenaciously harried the Liverpool players made them make mistakes.

The Liverpool team looked decidedly second best until the stroke of half time when the referee gave Liverpool a totally undeserved free kick on the edge of the box.

Mascerano was tripping over his own feet as Boateng came in to challenge, and Liverpool's 12th man, Martin Atkinson, gave Liverpool a gilt-edged opportunity that they put away from the resulting rebound by Xabi Alonso, with two Liverpool players in clear off side positions.

The teams went in to the half time break with the second best team on the day in front. What do the Tigers need to do to win in this division.

The two teams come out for the second half with the Mersysiders finding their feet earlier, as the East Yorkshire side's heads were still with the unlucky goal. Unfortunately for the Tigers, Liverpool's 12th man took a hand in helping the League leaders to a win.

From a Hull City through ball, Folan and Skrtel tussled for a 50/50 ball that Skrtel fell from, clinging to his face as if he was shot at point blank range.

Folan, falling forward, counterbalanced by putting his left foot forward to try and continue for the ball rather than diving to win the penalty.

The referee, Mr. Atkinson, yet again officiated in favour of Liverpool, but what a mighty decision it was, giving Caleb Folan a straight red card for some wonderful acting from Skrtel that would have been worthy of an Oscar. The referee made the all-important decision from the half way line.

Things went from bad to worse for the Tigers, as Liverpool was awarded a corner kick that was taken from outside the corner markings, so it should have been called back and re-taken. The subsequent cross is handled by Lucas then Hull City can't clear their lines for Kuyt to put away his chance.

The game is put back in the hands of the Tigers, as Cousin collected a great ball from Mendy and took it to the Liverpool left. He beat Skrtel to put a cross across the Liverpool box and bang Geovanni slotted it in the back of the net.

From then on, the Tigers were chasing the game, and they were tiring all the time. Liverpool took advantage of this and slotted a third goal in the Tiger's net to take the three points, 3-1.

A game was ruined by some very bad officiating, and yet again, the Tiger's were undone against Liverpool by the ref.