The Good and Bad Of WWE Friday Night Smackdown 24/04/09

Jack MortonCorrespondent IApril 25, 2009

This is another edition of my opinion on the good and the bad parts of Friday Night Smackdown.

Hope you enjoy the read.


Edge's opening segment: What a fantastic opening segment this was. He is keeping me hooked to every word he says and is also single handedly making his match against Cena remotely interesting.

Matt Hardy and Kane Vs Jeff Hardy and Cm Punk: That was a great match. The tension between the two Hardy's was fantastic and I cant wait 'til Backlash to see their match. It still didn't get me interested in the Punk Vs Kane match but for a tag team match it was brilliant.

Big Show: He is going to be the main monster heel on RAW who is going to get a major push on Monday nights. He has already gone over 3 major faces on Smackdown and he could be heading to a title push. He definitely will if he continues his love affair with Vickie Guerrero.

Maryse: Her work as a heel is great. The way she acts makes her look like the biggest bitch you could ever meet. Especially when she got in the referee's face. At the moment she is the only Diva I'm really interested in because she is hot, vastly improving in the ring and she is the only Diva with any character behind her as well.

Pushing of superstars out of nowhere: I like Ziggler but I'm sure some people don't. The fact that they are bringing him out of nowhere to push him shows that they have the potential to push anyone. This can only be good for the future of the company.

The British fans: You got to love these fans. You don't know who they are going to cheer next and really build an atmosphere when they are here. It mad me laugh when they were sarcastically chanting to Ziggler "Who are you?".

Shane and Batista Double suplex: The only thing i like about the fight was the double suplex with Batista and Shane. Shane pulled out of it and looked back at Batista doing it on his own then rejoined it and made him look like he was doing something.


Big Show Vs The Undertaker: Some people may disagree with me on this one being in the bad side. I thought the match was average at best. It started off slow and never really got going in my opinion. It could be my bias against two big men in action. I also didn't understand why the referee had to end the match. Why didn't they just have Big Show pin him. Then all of a sudden a half dead Undertaker still out does the Big Show afterwards. How??

Maryse Vs Gail Kim: There was not much wrong with the match but the amount of time the two had. The Divas are not hot at the moment, I know, but a big title match between two top Divas only getting 2 minutes is not enough in my opinion.

Jeff Hardy promo: His character is just simply really weird. The promo was not bad, I suppose, but the way his character is going is bad. It may be OK for some but for me it is demented and weird.

MVP Vs Chavo: It was a match to show the dominance of MVP to get his momentum going after his loss last week, but once again, it was at Chavo's expense. I fear for his future in the company and the only push involved with him will be when he is pushing Vickie Guerrero around in her wheelchair.

Shane Mcmahon and Batista Vs Priceless: If this is what the match is going to look like on Sunday then I'm not as excited as I first was. Batista came out of that without having a move hit on him which makes Priceless look so weak..again. I think Priceless needed to win or look good in defeat, but neither happened. How come they can beat the undisputed tag team champions but cant even beat down Shane McMahon? Hopefully they make Priceless look strong on Sunday. 

Telling us now that the draft comes in action after Backlash: Why didn't they just say this from the start? It was annoying me that they were not sticking to their new brands but if they said that from the start then it wouldn't have.