Detroit Lions First-Round Pick Ziggy Ansah Rocks 3D Glasses at 2013 NFL Draft

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 25, 2013

Image via @rjOKCson_15
Image via @rjOKCson_15

Nice glasses, nerd.

In truth, the glasses Ziggy Ansah wore at the 2013 NFL draft were pretty original, considering not too many kids entering the draft wear 3D shades with the lenses popped out on the biggest day of their lives.

The Detroit Lions selected the defensive end out of BYU with the fifth pick in the draft. Ansah came on stage rocking the ridiculous shades, essentially making the statement that his life has just become a movie.

Hey, more power to ya, Ziggy. When you’re getting selected in the top 10 of the NFL draft, you can do pretty much what you want. 

I mean, it's not like sports fans are strangers to grown men wearing lensless glasses anymore in professional sports—or ridiculous outfits and Hawaiian granny sweaters.

The biggest question is, did he straight-up jack these puppies? Did the BYU team go see Jurassic Park 3D last week and he just forgot he was wearing them?

Heads-up move on Ansah’s part, popping the lens out was the right call. Wearing 3D lenses in public just doesn’t work unless you’re at a party and need an easy conversation starter. 

Getting the conversation going is exactly what Ansah has done with his weird shades, which stirred up the proceedings on Twitter, as you can imagine. 

Any way you slice it, it’s probably safe to say Ansah won’t be kicking it with re-used movie theater glasses anymore now that he’s drafted. 

He’ll be able to afford designer lensless glasses, obviously. 

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