DeAndre Hopkins: How Will Houston's Newest WR Fare in the Pros?

Dan Hope@Dan_HopeContributor IIIApril 25, 2013

DURHAM, NC - NOVEMBER 03:  DeAndre Hopkins #6 of the Clemson Tigers makes a touchdown catch against the Duke Blue Devils during play at Wallace Wade Stadium on November 3, 2012 in Durham, North Carolina.  (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Houston Texans needed to add a wide receiver early in the 2013 NFL Draft who could be a legitimate No. 2 receiving option opposite Andre Johnson. With the No. 27 overall selection, the Houston Texans got exactly what they needed in Clemson's DeAndre Hopkins.


A true possession receiver, Hopkins is a perfect fit to line up opposite a deep threat like Andre Johnson. He adds much-needed size and playmaking ability to the position outside of Johnson, while he is a terrific route-runner with great hands and who does a great job of going up against coverages in traffic to make the challenging catch.

Hopkins is a very reliable receiver who should excel from playing in an offense where he will not be the focal point of opposing secondaries. He is not a big-play receiver, but will give Matt Schaub a consistent second downfield option and intermediate receiver.



Hopkins' fantasy value should benefit greatly from playing opposite one of the NFL's best wide receivers. With opposing defenses consistently having to focus on Andre Johnson, Hopkins will have more opportunities to get open, which is one of his best skills anyways as a terrific route-runner who only needs a small window of opportunity to make a catch.

Kevin Walter, the Texans' No. 2 receiver last season, only had 41 receptions for 518 yards. Hopkins, however, is a significant upgrade over him opposite Johnson—60 receptions for 800 yards could be very realistic production for him in his rookie season.



Hopkins is a polished wide receiver who is ready to win the Texans' starting wide receiver job immediately. The Texans do not have any established playmakers at the position outside of Johnson, and will expect Hopkins to be an immediate second option in their passing game.



The Texans needed to find a No. 2 wideout in this year's draft, and Hopkins may be the best fit of any receiver in the draft class to fill that role opposite Johnson. He gives quarterback Matt Schaub another reliable, go-to option, and will do a great job of getting open and forcing defenses to pay attention to him, therefore helping to draw coverages away from Johnson and give the Texans' No. 1 wideout more opportunities as well.

Hopkins is good value as a late first-round pick, and should pay immediate dividends for the Texans' offense.