Claire Dore Is a Complete Athlete and Leader with the Regina Riot

Mark StaffieriContributor IIApril 25, 2013

Image obtained from Regina Riot website
Image obtained from Regina Riot website

As one of several two-sport stars in the Western Women’s Canadian Football League, Claire Dore is a complete athlete that gives her team the opportunity to compete. Her experience as an educator brings great maturity to a Regina Riot squad eager to claim its first title in league history.

In addition to her vocation, she also donates her team to coaching students in various sports such as basketball, handball and soccer. Of note, Dore has an extensive background with basketball and handball, respectively.

As a student-athlete, Dore was a second-team conference All-Star in basketball with the Saskatchewan Huskies in 1997-98. The following season, (1998-99), she was a Saskatchewan Huskies Second Team Academic selection. Her career with the Huskies would culminate with the Valerie Girsberger Trophy (awarded to a female student athlete combining leadership, sportsmanship, academics and athletic skill) in 2000.  

Dore also has international experience with the Canadian National Handball Team. Currently, she serves as president for the Saskatchewan Handball Association.

A veteran of 17 seasons at the touch football level, Dore is an elite wide receiver whose skill has paid remarkable dividends in her exceptional WWCFL career. With an education in kinesiology, her certification in first-aid makes her the Riot’s first-aid responder for an injured teammate. Extolling all the great qualities of leadership, Dore proudly serves as team captain for the Riot.

As one of three members from the Regina Riot’s high-octane offense competing with the Canadian National Team, hopes are high that the titanic trio will be the final pieces of a puzzle that culminate in international glory. Dore is joined by quarterback Aimee Kowalski and running back Mallory Starkey, as Canada is looking to win its first ever gold medal at the 2013 Women’s Tackle Football Championships.

With the knowledge that her quarterback on the Riot, Aimee Kowalski, was named to the national team, Dore will be focused and engaged. The comforting thought of a teammate taking snaps behind center on the Canadian contingent marks a great leap forward in the development of any career. 

“It is going to be great to have Aimee with me on the same side of the ball. She is a great athlete and has a strong arm. It is comforting to think that she will be under centre, as we have had the chance to work together on the Riot and have matured together as football players in the past couple of seasons.”

Three members from the Riot’s defense were also named to the Canadian roster. Having been named to the Canadian team is an experience that Dore hopes will bring great confidence for the Riot as a cohesive unit for the 2013 regular season.

“As a result of the six of us (from the Riot) making the National team, I am hopeful that we will all be training hard and providing positive leadership to our Riot teammates to help all members of our Riot team be better.  To me, being a part of a national team program means I should give more back to the team that helped me to get there, and that I should contribute to the Riot in any way possible to make myself and my team better in the 2013 season.” 

“All quotes obtained first hand unless otherwise indicated”