Rutgers Sends Recruiting Letter with a Ridiculous Photoshopped Bodybuilder

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIApril 25, 2013

Via h/t @11W, @nb_dosuno
Via h/t @11W, @nb_dosuno

I am convinced that a fourth grader is changing the world of college football recruiting as we know it.

At the very least, the latest trend of sending recruits handwritten letters that would appeal to the maturity level of a fourth grader would suggest so.

The Rutgers football coaching staff has either bought into this trend or has been drinking too much "Swag," "The Drink of Champions," which was pictured in a drawing tweeted by 5-star cornerback recruit Marlon Humphrey that was encouraging him to sign with Mississippi State.

Dan Mullen would be proud.

According to (h/t @11W), 3-star athlete recruit Noah Brown received a recruiting letter that featured a picture of a bodybuilder with defensive coordinator Dave Cohen's face pasted where said bodybuilders face should be.

Here's the picture, per the Lost Letterman article:

You can clearly see in the corner that Brown's name is handwritten on top in red ink, and the caption below the picture is certainly memorable:


Note the ALL CAPS and the simple, yet to the point, proposal.

If this doesn't get Brown to commit to Rutgers, I don't know what will.

This is 2013, mind you, an age when technology has never been more advanced and communication is lightning quick and efficient, yet we have major college institutions resorting to crude Photoshop tricks and sophomoric humor?

Don't get me wrong, I laughed out loud when I saw this, and I do think that it's quite funny. It just shocks me that with all the technology, creativity and resources that are available to recruiters—this is what's deemed to be the most effective way to win over a recruit.

First it was Mullen and Mississippi State, sending the absurd, yet hilarious letter to 4-star linebacker and Michigan commit Michael Ferns that simply stated, "You're a Baller," in crude handwriting:

Mississippi State followed that with the now famous "Swag" drink:

It's as if Mullen is teaching a "new age" recruiting workshop in "Stark-Vegas," where he has "Swag by the truckload."

Rutgers apparently wanted to get in on the fun.


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