Gareth Maybin's New Golf Trick-Shot Video Is Insanely Cool and Dangerous

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 25, 2013

Warning: Do not try these at home or if you value your friendships with other people. 

Irish professional golfer Gareth Maybin just released an insane new trick-shot video, the contents of which involve shots that are equal parts amazing and cringe-inducing. 

From the poolroom to the putting green and beyond, Maybin’s video features a combination of expert marksmanship and jaw-dropping accuracy. He starts off with some light warmups, sharking the pool table and banking in the eight ball with a golf ball.

Then, it kicks up a notch—a big, big notch. 

Maybin starts juggling golf balls, using a club and his knees before kicking the ball into the hole. He one-hops a thrown golf ball off his foot and then creams it down a fairway with an iron. He throws the ball around his back and over his head with a club, sinking a 12-foot shot perfectly.

The whole video is an AND1 golf mixtape, the crowning moments of which include the pro taking an insane tee shot off his buddy’s face. Even more incredible perhaps is the William Tell-style chip shot where Maybin nails a can off a guy’s head from 50 yards.  

The question is whether Maybin is going to be at the World Trick Shot Championship?

He looks like he has the chops, and it’s clear that his recent video is something young golfers will feast upon. It definitely will provoke some imitators to try to replicate these ridiculous feats. 

To those who would try to reproduce Maybin’s magic at homedon’t. I don’t even want to think what the blooper reel looks like for something like this video.

Seriously guys, your friends won’t forgive you for talking them into this: Dr__Carson