Stop the Madness: Wrestlers Just Be Wrestlers Please!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIApril 24, 2009

In the world of sports some are raised to be great at a specific sport while other's are multi-talented athelet's and dominate at more than one sport.

We have all seen this happend in the world of sport's even the great Air Jordan to a step back, to honor his passing father by playing the sport of baseball in the majors. After that stint Jordan ventured back to what made him into an icon which is basketball.

Recently we have seen a similar case big Brock Lesnar was a promising star for the WWE for year's to come. But do to disagreement's and Lesnar's frustration of the hectic Pro Wrestling schedule and many other factor's Brock decided to take a step back also.

Lesnar took his weapon of a body and decided to test his skill's in the NFL, with the Minnesota Viking's although he looked decent Lesnar was eventually cut. Lesnar was lost, stuck in a position he was not use to he felt he had a knife to his neck (The reason for his big sword tattoo to the neck).

But then Lesnar would find his true calling in the world of MMA.

Lesnar looked dominate and won his first showing in his MMA debut, so good of a showing the UFC found themselves calling the big man up.

Lesnar would than fight off against former champion Frank Mir, although he lost to a heel hook, Lesnar was destroying the former Heavyweight champ and due to less experience got him self caught and tapped out.

But Lesnar proved in his next fight, that he is far from done. Lesnar faced off against another great talent Heath Herring. But right when the bell rang in Lesnar's home state Minnosota Heath would find out he was in for a long night.

Lesnar blasted Herring with a hit so hard, it basically made him do a back flip. Lesnar won that fight and was so impressive earned himself a what would become a controversial title shot.

Due to his lack of experience and basically still a rookie, many fans were outraged that UFC provided Lesnar with a title shot. But Lesnar would not disappoint the decision makers as he completed a goal that seemed to be far away which was to win the UFC Heavyweight title.

With this much success other wrestler's couldn't help to take notice. Lesnar created a "Band Wagon" that was growing rapid.

Other wrestler's decided if Lesnar can do it well hey I can do it to. Okay it's great that some feel they can do this but MMA is a whole different world, you are either in it or not, basically don't play with fire.

After learning of Bobby Lashley's questionable decision, I now understood why Dana White was not so interested in signing other wrestlers.

Instead of just being talk Lesnar gave his all and dedicated himself to the sport and did what he had to do to get to the  very top.

Lashley was heading in the similar direction, but decided to shock the MMA world and the Wrestling world at once.

He made a shocking suprise at TNA's annual Lock Down PPV, yes this will provide him with money and etc but was it the right move? Some say yes (mostly TNA fan's), while other's think it was the dumbest thing Lashley could do to hurt his chance's of getting in the UFC (MMA fans).

Because UFC either want's you all in or don't even bother, so I hope this is just a tour stop and he will pick up steam once again other wise kiss the UFC good bye. Dana White does not want to worry about one of his fighter's getting injured due to a wrestling match, Dana want's his fighter's focused and ready.

But I will say Lashley has a good head on his shoulder's it seem's like he know's what he is doing, but was this move a little too early? I think so as he has a hard fight coming this summer against an even bigger man, Bob Sapp this guy is a monster and has been on a roll as of late.

But with Lashley now debuting with TNA it wont be to long before he make's his in ring debut, and training and wrestling that just seem's like a deadly mixture. Also thank's to Shane Howard for pointing this out to me, but isn't the reason Lashley left WWE because the hectic schedule.

Yes you travel the road non-stop but MMA training tires you out just by it self, now wrestling to add with that especially in TNA which is a walking gimmick match company we might see a fall in what could have been a great MMA career.

But Lashley is grown and I am going to leave that at that. But something is still bothering me wait I know what it is

Here we go again


Okay welcome to another great addition of TR: Tyler Rants. This addition is going to focus mainly on one person and one person only as he is the only one doing something that is bothering me so far.

Okay this sparked this whole article and that man is Kurt Angle. You ask why? Well let me tell you why.

I have said this in comment's and such but I am just going to get it out all here so I wont have to say it again.

Kurt, Kurt, Kurt man what are you thinking I respect you in all but the more you open your mouth about MMA, the more and more that respect begin's to shrink.

I forgot when but after Lesnar made a huge statement in the world of MMA, Kurt decided hey I am just as talented as he is, so why not me.

Kurt has talked, and um talked and talked about how he is going to train how he is in touch with UFC, how he plan's on still fighting and etc but that is it, all talk.

Kurt there is something you need to realize you are 40 something, someone correct me if I am wrong, and Liddell is 40 something and he was a dominate force in the world of MMA but look what has happened, his time seem's to have passed.

So for you still trying to talk and even think about attempting to enter the MMA world is plan stupid, what would it look like for a 40 year old who has no experience besides wrestling to enter Mix Martial Arts. Is this bothering any body else?

Basically until you (Kurt Angle) actually do something that will have MMA fan's take you seriously, don't talk about MMA at all, not one bit please.

Matter a fact a few years ago wasn't Daniel Puder (Tough Enough Winner, not with WWE any more), a former MMA fighter at the time, make you look like a fool in "your ring"?