Bribery in the English Premier League? FA Investigates

Simon MartinSenior Writer IApril 4, 2008

In what has to be the most horrifying news this week, allegations have been made against a former Premier League footballer (as of now his name has not been revealed) that he took a bribe to throw a game in the last two years.

The official report details that the player in question got himself sent off and persuaded three teammates to throw the game, allegedly to cancel a £50,000 gambling debt he had with a well-known bookmaker.

The FA were informed of this story and will be investigating, however, much emphasis has been made that the match in question was played in Britain. The problem is that the match may or may not be under the FA's jurisdiction. It is unknown at this time whether the match in question was an EPL match, hence the cautious stance that the FA is choosing to take at this time.

The story was circulated in Hampshire this week at a seminar on gambling in sport.

This is not the first time there has been allegations of bribery in English football, several players were given lifetime bans in the 1970s, from various divisions, and in recent years allegations of corruption in transfers was the hot topic for the media.

Arsene Wenger issued a statement outlining his feeling that Football players found guilty of accepting bribes and throwing games should be given lifetime bans.

"If one player has done that you have 99.9% of players who have never done it. But you have to convict the one player who has done that. Wenger went on, "It's not down to human nature. Everyone has to stand up for their own acts and take responsibility for what he is doing."

Who could argue?

The beautiful game's bad side rears its ugly head once more, and it hurts everyone who supports it. It's the opinion of this writer, that the sooner the name of this player is revealed, and the sooner we can found out the facts of this sorry affair, the sooner the beautiful game can get back to being beautiful.