30 Athlete Instagrams That Were Just a Bad Idea

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30 Athlete Instagrams That Were Just a Bad Idea
Image via @10AJMcCarron

TMI isn't a new invention—since the moment humans evolved the ability to communicate, there's been a corresponding risk of divulging information no one needed or wanted to know.

The only difference between the TMI phenomenon of antiquity, versus today, is the sheer variety and tenacity of how we express thoughts and feelings.

Unfurling a letter penned with squid ink on papyrus—no matter how vile or annoying its content—simply can't evoke the same visceral reaction as a text message that says, "I'm pooping right now. lol."

An exquisitely scripted letter about pooping from a Roman prefect simply doesn't have the same potency as real-time words and images.

Yep, wireless broadband and social media are the information revolution—but for most of us, the two are more a platform for buffoonery than innovation.

Few have the opportunity and audience to unleash ill-advised nuggets about life and work as do athletes. And, few social media apps bring all this potential together more effectively—and recklessly—than Instagram.

Social pic apps have been around for awhile, but none match Instagram's popularity and nearly unfettered public access.

So, add all these ingredients together—give it a dash of ego and/or booze—and you've got yourself a treasure trove of athlete Instagrams that were just a bad idea.

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