Kane: What He Could Do With the MITB Briefcase

Jack JackCorrespondent IApril 24, 2009

Kane is the coolest, most hellishly awesome big man in the WWE.

Kane and CM punk have a one-on-one match at Backlash this Sunday.

No titles that I have heard about are on the line, I haven't heard about the MITB briefcase being up for grabs either.

Why is this match happening?

I think the WWE wants to push both Kane and CM Punk on SD and this is how.

The WWE has made it quit clear that Kane is a mad and demented monster.

CM Punk will GTS Kane and win at Backlash and be prancing around the ring with his briefcase when it happens.

What will happen? Why?

Kane will get up (situp traditional undertaker style) and choke-slam the hell outta Punk.

He will do his fire thing when he sees the briefcase, he will grab, and do an evil laugh.

Next think you know Kane has left the arena carrying punks briefcase.

Kane will be majorly pushed because when CM goes and whines to Teddy Long he will be informed the bearer of the briefcase will get the contract. Teddy will remind Punk that contract is inside of the briefcase. No briefcase, no contract.

Kane has the briefcase. And will see punk desperately try to win it back and fail.

Edge will knock out Cena and win his eighth (count em' eight) world championship. He could cut into a promo about how he doesn't need Vickie now that she is on Raw and he can take his own opportunities.

He will come to SM triumphant cut another promo.

Edge turns around.

One more choke-slam.

Kane's third World or second (not exactly sure) World Title will be in his hands.

That is what will happen. Now, onto why.

If you want to talk about entertaining, imagine the possibilities.

Kane vs.

  • CM Punk
  • Edge
  • Undertaker
  • Shelton (long shot )
  • John Morrison (would love this)

Giving Kane the title would do two vital things:

  1. Make Smackdown interesting
  2. Call out to millions of Kane fans who died when lost to Kofi...

The truth that the WWE probably realizes is that SD is boring. Everyone loves Kane. This would make Fridays very interesting.

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Oh also, I have not seen the 4-25-09 SD episode yet. We may find out the briefcase is on the line, but that won't change my scenaro too much.