Atlanta Hawks Selling Playoff Tickets for $16 on Living Social

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistApril 24, 2013

Disco is still dead, as is seemingly any support for the Atlanta Hawks franchise.

In an effort to drive attendance the Hawks are selling playoff tickets on Living Social for $16

This is a big deal. At most NBA playoff events $16 won't even cover your bar tab for the quarter. In Atlanta it's getting you playoff tickets.

Can we say we're really surprised though?

Not at all.

The Hawks ranked 26th in attendance during the 2012-13 campaign, an embarrassing figure because, well, they're a playoff team. It's not like they're the Charlotte Bobcats, who by the way averaged a larger audience than Atlanta this year.

If you can't hear that, it's the sound of the Hawks nearing rock bottom.

Postseason basketball is a time for momentous competition, unforeseen heroics and jacking up ticket prices.

I won't say Atlanta is giving these tickets away. Nothing will compare to the Philadelphia 76ers fan who bought an entire row of tickets for $0.72 during the regular season. As far as the postseason goes though, one could make the case that the Hawks are begging for fans to attend their games.

So feel free to navigate on over to Living Social and purchase your discounted Hawks playoff tickets. I'd say get them while they're hot but let's face it, they're not hot.

Don't let proximity prevent you from going either. I'm pretty sure you could buy a ticket to the game and pay for your round-trip airfare for what it would cost you to attend a playoff bout elsewhere, like in New York.

And hey, who knows—if you're willing to pay full price the Hawks might even let you play.