NFL Draft Movers and Shakers

Jason SiesserCorrespondent IApril 24, 2009

The NFL Draft is one day away!  I am anxious to see who goes first and what the Chiefs, Browns, Skins, Jet and Pats do in the first round. 

I will be tuning in at 2200 CET to watch and, for the Chiefs pick, on the phone with my dad back in Missouri.  I tried to get the old man to join me via a webcam but that was too high tech for him. 

The draft is always exciting and it is all we have to live for until the preseason, which I don't enjoy since I am viewing from Europe and preseason isn't interesting.

Will we see the Chiefs and their new GM maneuver out of the top three?  Many NFL analysts believe that is what the Chiefs plan to do.  The team lost their only pass rusher in their trade with the Vikings and their D-line didn't look like anything special. 

The trade of Tony Gonzalez to the Falcons for a second rounder in 2010 was a little baffling to me, but I am just a humble wannabe writer.  I was dreaming of trading Tony and Larry Johnson and getting two first round picks and something else for them.  I am an optimist. 

The Chiefs, in the opinion of some, should pick a big tackle.  I wouldn't say no to that.  However, if they could drop to pick five or six and still get Andre Smith or Michael Oher plus something in another round, why not? I would prefer Jason Smith but we can be certain that he and Eugene Monroe will be gone in the top four.  Alas, we must wait.

The Pats are another interesting team to watch.  Their maneuvering to get Mayo last season was fantastic.  I hope that they are able to work their six picks in the top 100 into a fantastic group to build a new championship team around.  19-0 baby!  Their dealing of Cassel to KC for the 34th overall pick was masterful. 

I can't fault the Chiefs for taking the deal but that was expensive since it is just two picks outside of the first round.  I know nothing effects a team more than the QB, but still that could have been another special player.

The Jets and Skins are only interesting because they are both eyeing QBs that they cannot quite get to with their current picks.  The Jets could land Freeman, but is he the next Flacco?  That is something only a season will tell us.  I think that if the Skins trade up for Sanchez they are fools.  Morgaging a franchise for a player hasn't worked in the past so why would it work now? 

The Browns are of interest simply because they too seem to want to move out of their position.  If they are able to move, what will they be able to get for the fifth pick?  Will they trade Braylon Edwards?  If so will they be able to get a No. 1 for him?

These questions and their answers are just 26 1/2 hours away! 

Go Chiefs!