Jeb Blazevich Commits to Georgia: What 4-Star TE Brings to Bulldogs

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIApril 23, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Georgia has received the commitment of a big-time 2014 tight end named Jeb Blazevich.

If you're a Bulldogs fan remember the name, because Blazevich is going to be making an impact for your team sooner rather than later.

Radi Nabulsi of reports on the commitment via his Twitter account:

Blazevich has very good size for a tight end, checking in at 6'4.5'', 230 pounds according to 247Sports. He's also ranked as the No. 5 tight end in the 2014 class according to the 247Sports Composite, so the Bulldogs are obviously getting a talented player.

What exactly does Blazevich bring to the table for Georgia?

Blazevich will be talented enough to come in right away and compete with 2013 tight end Jordan Davis, Jay Rome and Ty Flournoy-Smith for playing time once Arthur Lynch moves on.

I mentioned his size, but he also has good speed and runs good routes. He displays foot quickness, agility and athleticism. He has long arms and good length, which when combined with his athleticism gives him the ability to go up and "high-point" the football. He can make tough catches over the middle, but he'll also be very effective in the end zone. Blazevich has good body control and should be able to make catches at the back line or in the corner. He'll be a mismatch in the end zone because of his size, agility and footwork.

Blazevich is also a very tough runner once he gets the ball, so he'll be hard to take down in open space. He can make something happen on a check-down route, but he'll also be able to catch the ball between the seam, break a tackle and gain extra yards. Speaking of between the seams, Blazevich should be able to go over the middle and make tough catches in a crowd.

That said, he has enough agility and should be comfortable enough to move out into the slot, and he could even be utilized at the wide receiver position, somewhat like how now former Notre Dame tight end and NFL draft prospect Tyler Eifert was used.

Finally, at his bulked up size, Blazevich could stay in-line and block, and he'll be effective at walling off the edge and/or picking up blitz packages. 

Blazevich will without a doubt go down as one of the better commitments for Georgia in 2014, and he has the potential to be a star tight end for the Bulldogs in time.

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