Monsters VS. Aliens: The Casual Wrestling Fans and The Smart Ones

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IApril 24, 2009

Times have changed.

From the days of Hulkamania to becoming one of the millions and millions of The Rock's fans, we've all come to the present era that has us either hanging our head in shame or evolving into a completely different type of fan.

By lowering our expectations and the overall mediocrity of current television, are the hardcore or strongly opinionated fans into casual ones who will settle for less than average feuds and story lines which to us do not make sense whereas for them, they have just been treated to a great program.

No offense to these monsters..I mean casual fans, I think it's great they don't spend so much time analysing releases and each and every line that comes out of a superstar's mouth to the point of insanity.

I guess that makes me envious of their simpleton attitude towards pro-wrestling.

They take what they get, they don't wish for better in-ring action or better stories to watch because they either have just discovered wrestling and are aware of all that history has to offer or is part of the new generation of fans who cheer for their favorites and boo their villains, choosing to leave analysis and prefer not to ask the questions that sometimes riddle their minds.

Suppose you could raise your hand in class and ask a question about a historical figure.

You're likely to get some information regarding your query but not all of it, since the person answering you might not be knowledgeable or time is running out and you have more pressing matters at hand that need your attention.

Now, I'm not implying that someone who has just discovered the mesmerizing world of wrestling is less likely to search for and find out all they need to in order to increase their wrestling intelligent-quota.

All I'm trying to convey is that the average fan of today and not anybody part of the Internet Wrestling Community would go about his days without a thought or care about the plethora of knowledge regarding pro-wrestling that is surrounding him.

Granted, that these fans might be in the minority but you cannot pretend they do not exist.

Fans that pander and preach regarding their fan favorites without caring to think beyond their irrational deep seeded, inordinate infatuation.

They are common here and among other places such as wrestling forums, etc.

We've been able to co-exist for a while now but once in a while, some of them spark debates that have neither destination nor a logical origin.

Not to say that we are no less persistent in our opinions and might come off as vexing and passionate as they are.

You see, the casual gang have a disease and so do we.

They aren't similar strains of viruses but they share something very special between one another.

They are quite passionate about their favorites whereas we aggressively defend our strong and logically sound opinions.

We both have reached common ground in the sense that we are both passionate about the sport regardless of our stance or say in the matter.

That's what allows us to mesh together in this little big planet we call the wrestling community.