Green Men Attempt Disappearing Magic Trick During Vancouver Canucks Game

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It’s an illusion, Niklas. “Tricks” are something clowns do for money.

The famous Vancouver Canucks green men struck again during Monday night’s matchup between the Canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks, breaking out a smoke and mirrors (or tarp and glass) routine on Blackhawks defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson.

Hjalmarsson was sitting out his time in the penalty box when the green men begun flapping some kind of strange green screen in front of the glass. The flapping continued for a few seconds before the screen was ripped away and—voila!—one green man was in a magician’s top hat and the other had disappeared, replaced by a smiling young lady from the crowd.

This young lady happened to be actress/songwriter Sophie Tweed-Simmons, who took a picture with the green men during the game.

Tweed-Simmons apparently volunteered to to participate in the act and replace the missing green man, who was found to have vanished when the curtain came down. 

Well, the other green man had kind of vanished, and by “kind of vanished,” I mean he was wriggling under the edge of the boards, still in view.

It was an admirable attempt, especially considering the magic show was put on by Sully and Force—the two unpaid fans who dress up as the green men for every Canucks home game.  

For this ploy, I believe Force was the magician and Sully acted as his lovely disappearing assistant.

Regardless of whether or not they pulled it off flawlessly, the two men are truly pioneers in crowd entertainment, having pulled off countless other stunts since taking on their responsibilities as the unofficial mascots of the Canucks. Their list of former capers involve waffle-throwing, inverted handstand-ing and writing long, “naughty” lists for Santa as opposing players sit in the penalty box.

After this “slight of man” maneuver, we can only guess what they’ll try next. Perhaps they’ll roll out a green man version of the “Aztec Tomb” illusion.

Get these men an invitation to the Alliance of Magicians: Dr__Carson

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