Celtic, Rangers in an English League? Manchester United Fans Obsessed?

Perm VacationCorrespondent IApril 24, 2009

Scottish Clubs in an English League

Is talk of Celtic and Rangers joining an English League a recipe for disaster or not? We all know Celtic and Rangers are linked to sectarian violence, and we all know there is lingering hatred between the English, Irish, and Scottish.

On a national scale these countries rarely meet, so occasionally when they do meet, the Police force can deal with it, but could they deal with it on a week by week basis?

Non-football rivalry between the English and Scottish is still very much alive in some generations, and this is the ugly side of football that unfortunately will probably never be stopped completely.

Manchester hosted both Celtic and Rangers in the past and did receive isolated incidents on both occasions.

Considering the impressively large followings Celtic and Rangers have, will smaller cities and towns in England be able to police such games on a regular basis?

While we can argue that Celtic and Rangers would majorly benefit, what would this move do to the Scottish Premier League? I believe the move would derail the SPL and damage Scottish football.


Manchester United fans obsessed with Manchester City

I thought I'd seen it all until I checked out a Manchester United blog site.

With all the trouble that Manchester United are in for the way they are treating their fans, you would think Manchester United fans would be more interested in United issues, but nooooooooooooooooooooooo, they are more interested in trying to belittle Manchester City.

Just one browse of this site shows how bitter they are. Why, you may ask? Well, it seems the Manchester City money-men have got them all in a twist.


With the global financial crunch in first gear and the amount of debt Manchester United are in, you would think the typical Manchester United fan would be asking questions of their club.

Just by watching the news you will realise that the financial situation the world is in right now has not even started. The British government is saying that Great Britain will not even reach stability until 2011 at the earliest.

With Manchester United hiking ticket prices up by £1 and every other club lowering ticket prices, you would think Manchester United fans would be screaming and shouting right now.

It seems that with one look at the facts, Manchester United's debts are not even being paid off, and the owners are apparently only managing to keep their heads above the water.

So this inevitably explains why Sir Alex Ferguson is going around Europe stealing youth players from other European Clubs before the players reach the age of 18; other countries' clubs cannot offer professional contracts until the youth player reaches the age of 18.

All you need to do is realise that Manchester United's youth academy has failed to produce an amount of Premier League talent equivalent to clubs like Aston Villa, Arsenal, or Manchester City and realise how many youth players they have actually acquired in the last two seasons.

I would call this building for a very cold future. No wonder Sir Alex Ferguson is ready to jump ship. The owners have made a right mess.

The imminent departures of Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, and Edwin Van Der Sar due to age are going to hurt Manchester United, as they are not going to bring in any cash, so who will they sell to try to keep the debt collectors off their backs?

So why are Manchester United fans not worried about departures?

Why are they not bothered about losing, "I will admit," the second best British manager Britain has ever seen?

Why are they not worried about the debt their club are in with the financial climate not even in full swing?

Why are they not crying about an increase in ticket prices?

Why are they so obsessed with Manchester City right now?

I believe Manchester United are panicking right now, and they will have to win the Champions League for the next three years, along with the Premier League and domestic cups, just to stay afloat.

Who really are the bitter lot? For years City fans have had to endure Irish, African, and Asian Manchester United supporters mouthing off with the same old stories, and I have to say, we did good in putting up with them and laughing back at them.

Despite the fact of this English Manchester City supporter having to put up with the mouth of an African glory hunter preaching, well, it seems what goes around will be coming around.

My favourite story—I once asked a Manchester United fan who the Busby Babes were, and they replied, "I don't know, group of singers maybe?"

Manchester United will fall on their own sword eventually. Considering the way United fans are acting right now, I believe they deserve every single pint of bitter they get.

Manchester United fans pictured above, do you think they cannot afford to buy their own club colours? I wonder why?


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