5 Defunct WWE Titles That Could Replace the United States Championship

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5 Defunct WWE Titles That Could Replace the United States Championship

Let's face it folks, the WWE United States Championship is dead.

Antonio Cesaro just finished up over a nine-month reign with the once-prestigious championship, and he lost it in nearly a meaningless match against Kofi Kingston on Raw. 

Cesaro was constantly low on the card during the time he was champion, and he lost non-title match after non-title match while barely ever actually defending the belt.

In fact, the United States champion Cesaro didn't even get a match at WrestleMania.

The fact of the matter is that the Intercontinental Championship (which also is nearly irrelevant) and the United States Championship are practically interchangeable, and there is no need to have two different guys hold the midcard belts with how they stand now.

Now that there is no such thing as a belt only being defended on one brand (e.g. RAW, SmackDown or ECW), WWE doesn't really have a purpose for the US title to be bounced around without a point in the midcard.

Perhaps then it's time to let the United States Championship retire, and find another belt to replace it. There certainly can be uses for another championship title in the WWE if utilized properly, and here are five belts that could make a comeback to fill its place.

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