10 Unsigned Superstars Who Deserve a Shot in WWE

Sharon GlencrossContributor IApril 22, 2013

10 Unsigned Superstars Who Deserve a Shot in WWE

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    As anyone who pays even scant attention to the U.S. indie scene can tell you, there's a wealth of unsigned talent out there. So much so, that WWE would be foolish not to consider snagging their services in the upcoming year.

    Hey, with a thin talent roster and hours of new programming to fill, they do need to sign some new people. And here are our top 10 suggestions...

10. Jesse Neal

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    With his unique look and compelling real-life backstory, former sailor Jesse Neal could find genuine success in WWE.

    During his three years with TNA, the Team 3D Academy trainee also showed a fair amount of ability and skill which America's No. 2 promotion—of course—never truly took advantage of.

    Interestingly, as PWInsider noted, Neal attended a recent WWE training camp—could a deal be in the works?

9. Angelina Love

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    At a time when it is desperately searching for new Divas, WWE needs to consider giving former TNA Knockout Angelina Love a shot.

    As the leader of The Beautiful People—one of the most famous female heel groups of all time—she proved she had the mic skills and heat-garnering ability that any Divas champion needs. She’s a decent wrestler, too. Certainly,  if anyone could help revitalize the Divas division, it’s this woman.

8. Jay Lethal

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    Thanks to his charisma and ability to do terrific impersonations of wrestling personalities like Ric Flair and Randy Savage, high-flyer Jay Lethal stood out greatly during his run with TNA Wrestling.

    Of course, TNA being TNA, the group failed to capitalize on his phenomenal talent and the star was surprisingly released in May 2011. Since then, he’s mostly worked in ROH and the indies.

    So, why doesn’t WWE sign him to a deal? He’s certainly proven he has what it takes to get over with the fans as a plucky underdog babyface. Come on; this guy needs another shot at the big time.

7. The Young Bucks

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    Let’s face it: WWE could really use some fresh new tag teams right now. Just how many times are we going to see Team Hell No vs. The Prime Team Players, anyway?

    With this in mind, how about signing indie tandem The Young Bucks? The two high-flyers, who have worked in TNA Wrestling, have often conjured up comparisons with famous WWE tag team The Hardy Boyz, and there’s every reason to believe they too could find similar success in the promotion.

6. Mia Yim

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    Shimmer star Mia Yim could be a very good investment for WWE. The 24-year-old can wrestle, talk and looks great on camera.

    Just check out her fantastic work in ROH as part of heel group The Embassy to see what an asset she can be for any wrestling promotion she works for. Valet or wrestler, this girl can do it all.

5. Mike Bennett

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    Over the past couple of years the charismatic and photogenic Bennett has proven himself to be one of wrestling’s best prospects. While he may not be the best worker there, out of everyone in ROH he seems to be the most likely to snag a contract.

    Obviously, Bennett is interested in a potential deal—the star attended a WWE training camp in February—so why shouldn’t Vince McMahon take a look at him?

    Ideally, manager and real-life girlfriend Maria Kanellis, a former Diva, would come along too. She’s an integral part of the act, after all.

4. Leva Bates

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    Shimmer wrestler Leva Bates has made a name for herself in wrestling over the past couple of years thanks to her respectable work-rate and quirky, unusual character.

    The Team 3D trainee made a handful of appearances for TNA over her career but the group never elected to sign her. Maybe WWE can be wiser and sign the star to a deal?

    Similar to A.J Lee, Bates would have a girl-next-door appeal and stand out from the gaggle of glamorous, impeccably polished models.  

3. Chris Masters

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    Former WWE star Chris Masters recently got a ton of positive mainstream press after he bravely, and single-handedly, saved his beloved mother from a burning house (WWE.com offers the details of this amazing story here).

    How better for WWE to capitalize on his press than by signing him back and pushing him as a top babyface star? Certainly, after acting so courageously, Masters more than deserves a third shot at stardom.

2. Thea Trinidad

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    Good looks, personality and a fair amount of in-ring skills—how is former TNA knockout Thea Trinidad  not under contract to WWE? On paper, she’s everything they could possibly want in a Diva.

    Of course there have been rumblings in the past that the company is interested—she got a tryout match at a show a few months ago—but so far nothing has come to fruition.        

1. Davey Richards

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    Interestingly, former ROH World champion Davey Richards hinted recently at an indie show that he may indeed be WWE-bound (via WrestlingInc). Of course, he may just have been joking to the crowd, but it would be nice to think the star might be on the verge of signing a deal.

    Richards, widely considered one of the best professional wrestlers on the planet, would surely be an asset to WWE. Just imagine the great matches he could have with the likes of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Sheamus of given the chance.

    He's no slouch in the talking department either, and is blessed with a compelling, feisty charisma. If any indie star can succeed in WWE, it's him.