Meet The Boys at The Bar: Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray

RockCorrespondent IApril 24, 2009

So, Novak Djokovic was tired after the exhaustive Monte Carlo finals and was having his sip of drink at the bar. Knowing his frivolous and at the same time, inconspicuous gritty nature, he does not think twice to order Tequini ( tequila + martini) for his age.

Andy Murray on the other hand has been spending the last two evenings at the same place and arrives little late at 10:30 pm.

Nole was the first to strike the conversation and yells, "Hey Andy", and forces him a hug. Glib talking Murray is not worried over his neatly pressed clothes and returns the favour. 

Djokovic says 'Cheers' and ups his English language skills while getting into the details.

Nole: Andy, how you've been ?

Murray: Pretty good. Infact I am feeling much better after the Semis.

Nole: I am surprised to see you here. How come you are here drinking alone?

Murray:(Er....even now I want to drink alone) I've been coming here for the past two days. You know, clay court season, the grind and the Bull.

Nole: Yeah, seen my second set in the finals (gets restless)? What do you think of it ?

Murray: I know you did not see my tie breaker in the semis against Rafa. You played good. Nice to see you making your lost ground.

Nole: Of course, this is my life time goal. I did not want to work as a pizza delivery boy, you know.

Murray: And your life time goal is?

Nole: (Puzzled...!) I want to play my best tennis with my given physical constraints. I am buoyant that I showed everyone on how Rafa has to be tackled.

Murray: Really? It was just a three setter, no?

Nole: Consuming his fourth round of drink, that is why I did not retire.

Murray: With this clay court season warming up, do you think there is any force that can stop Rafa from winning the French Open?

Nole: For sure there is a force.

Murray: What is it?

Nole: It's me !!!

Unable to withstand this answer, Murray gulps his second drink and continues...

Murray: On a serious note, if we can take the bull by it's horns, especially in the clay season, you and I can enjoy the No.2 and No.1 rankings.

Nole looks a Bull like figure coming through the main door and does not respond to Murray's wish.

Nole: Hola Rafa ! Come e stas? What a surprise ?! We are just discussing that no one can defeat you on clay. 

Rafa: Yeah hola. Hi Andy ! Just heard you are talking on bull - horns, something like that no?

Murray: Err....nope. We were discussing about the rankings by the end of the year. It would be nice if we three can share the rankings as long as we are on the circuit.

Rafa: It will be nice to see competition. But you have to earn it no? I was behind Roger for three years. He is a great player.

Nole: You cannot stop talking of that guy even in your dreams, eh?

Rafa: No, but he has the best game even now. Little bit unforced errors more now, but I think he has good chance to go to 14 if he has a dream preparation.

Murray: We three are of almost the same age, why talk about an Uncle who just got married and is about to become a father ?



Nole: (Chuckles so hard that the power goes off) He..he..ha..ha...ha...!

Rafa: Ok boys, I got a message from my Uncle Toni that I should go home immediately. He told me to practice tennis on my knees for 15 minutes tomorrow, so that I do not have knee problem in the future.

Murray: After that, kick boxing and bull fighting?

Rafa: That is risky no ?

(Djokovic does not understand what they are talking about)

Nole: Good luck with your practice. Come on, give me a hug. I am very happy that you are No.1 and you took down Roger. At least someone has fulfilled my life time goal.

Rafa: It's actually you who has lit fire under me, when you were so close to take my No.2 ranking on more than couple of occasions.

Murray: Right folks, nice meeting you all unexpectedly here. I actually go to head to my hotel. I've to shave twice a day and go for hair cut once a week to give this polished look.

Nole: I can drop you Andy. I am currently residing in this city now, if you don't know.

Rafa: Nice talking to you boys. I did not know what you were thinking of me until I  came here. See you all at Roland Garros.

Nole thinks before departing, I am not here for you people to go past me and still smile.

Next time, Djokovic and Murray plan for a drink when Rafa is playing a match at that particular time.







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