Stop Crying: The WWE Draft

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IApril 24, 2009

After a very long time, Stop Crying is back, baby!

Every year or so, The WWE gets shaken up in just the appropriate way for a select show.

This year, resembling many previous years, RAW got many great picks while most of the other shows got some sparks that could become a fire.

Here's a prediction:



  • Triple H
  • MVP
  • Matt Hardy



  • Chris Jericho
  • CM Punk
  • Kane



  • Vladimir Koslov


This draft had a lot in common with previous drafts, and it's not just that RAW has gotten pretty stacked. ECW has been screwed over in the main draft each time (they got some nice picks in Supplemental draft).

The draft is simply the heads of the WWE's way of trying to rekindle interest by using guys who haven't had extensive contact rivalries.

This will work for a while, but then it gets stale. Then, half of a year later, we see a new draft. The reason that the rate of the drafts has increased is because the writers are getting less imaginative and so there are fewer potential story lines.

One of the things that I think should be done is just scrap the brand separation and let the rosters merge into one large collective, much like the good old days of the WWE and WWF.

Having all of the shows' rosters in episodes would allow for better storyline development, and allow for some stars to improve their Mic skills.

While I feel that it would be a great alternative, it would also increase the workload. The house shows could be brand separate, or be more like ECW and developmental shows.

Merging the rosters just seems to make more sense, with guys like Edge from Smackdown and Cena from RAW feuding.