John Cena and WWE's Top 4 Babyfaces Right Now: A Depressing Reality

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistApril 22, 2013

John Cena and WWE's Top 4 Babyfaces Right Now: A Depressing Reality

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    The WWE has a "good guy" problem.

    In this day and age, the only babyfaces who get over do so as heels, and thus become appreciated for how good they are at being bad. As a result, they are forced to become good. 

    The WWE has forced multiple babyface turns of late, to mostly lukewarm results. This has been the case with The Miz and Alberto Del Rio. 

    With Ryback recently joining the always-loaded ranks of heels, the WWE's babyface roster is once again a wounded unit. 

    They try, pander and fight the good fight. But this is an era where the louder, more adult fans would rather show up to the building and root for the heels. And babyfaces are constantly behind the eight ball. 

    What's scary is that one of these superstars may be called upon to fill the incorrigible void when John Cena leaves. 

    The remaining top babyfaces must be full-time stars. They are judged by their wins and losses over the past month, championships held and positioning on TV and pay-per-view feuds. 

5. Kofi Kingston

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    Underrated. Overlooked. Overqualified. Kofi Kingston is the last of the natural babyfaces.

    As a superstar whose offense is easy to cheer, and one who has inherently likeable qualities, Kofi Kingston could be a valuable commodity for the WWE.

    Kingston recently got the better of Antonio Cesaro during a TV feud, ending Cesaro's near-eight-month reign as United States Champion. 

    The WWE could try using this to elevate Kingston as a star; however, the United States Championship hasn't meant a thing since the heyday of WCW. 

4. Alberto Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio works hard as a babyface, but simply does not connect with the WWE audience on that level. 

    Del Rio's manager, Ricardo Rodriguez, is more likeable and more over than Del Rio. It's scary to think where babyface Del Rio would be without his trusty companion to help garner heat.

    Del Rio has been booked in a Triple Threat match against Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, but Ziggler is a newly minted champion who will likely get a fair shake at a world-title run.

    Del Rio stands a small chance of regaining his championship. 

3. Randy Orton

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    One of the reasons Randy Orton is so good as a heel is because he believes in his character while playing the villain.

    Hence, he is so-so as a babyface. Orton seems to mail it in and go through the motions as a babyface. 

    The WWE has booked Orton in an upper-midcard role against The Shield, and now with The Big Show.  However, his best work will come if and when he goes bad. 

2. Sheamus

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    Sheamus has larger-than-life qualities. That pale skin. That red hair. He embodies a character just as much as he does a wrestler. 

    Sheamus has slowly but surely built some momentum as a babyface, but it always seems more forced than anything else.

    If the WWE continues to preserve Sheamus as a strong babyface, he could have an outside shot at pushing Cena as a top superstar. 

    Although he would still be a very distant second. 

1. John Cena

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    John Cena has been the WWE's top star for over a decade, with no slowing down in sight.  With Ryback as a heel, there is no more 1A, just John Cena and the seven dwarfs. 

    Cena is invaluable to the WWE as the last of the babyfaces who can consistently draw a meaningful reaction—for better or worse. 

    The current WWE champion, John Cena is in a familiar position atop the WWE world.

    He has not a replacement in sight.