25 Sports Videos That Will Literally Make You LOL

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterApril 22, 2013

25 Sports Videos That Will Literally Make You LOL

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    It’s rarely preplanned, but hilarity happens constantly in sports.

    Fans indulge in too much sauce, reporters get ridiculously into the game and professional athletes mess up and do some horribly unathletic things—and that’s when the laughter ensues.

    The following are 25 sports-related videos hand-picked for the sole purpose of making you laugh. They include everything from parodies to athletic blunder-fails and beyond. 

    Relax, tough guy. You can crack a smile, it won’t hurt you.

The Hotspurs Are Fierce as Beavers

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    Sky Sports analyst Chris Kamara knows the game of football, but his in-game color commentary could probably use some work. 

    You have to give him credit for originality, but Kamara’s attempt to coin “fighting like beavers” as a passable descriptor for a team’s determination was a hilariously strange moment in sportscasting history.

    Best Part: “Beavers was the word you were looking for!”

The Kevin Everett Update

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    Former Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett suffered a career-ending cervical spine injury during a 2007 game against the Denver Broncos.

    So when a local news station was updating viewers on Everett’s condition in the time following the hit and instead broadcasted footage of a random man kung-fu fighting out of a wheelchair in a court room, well, things got weird.

    Best Part: “He moved his arms and legs today...”

Japanese Binocular Soccer

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    I don’t understand the game, and I won’t respond to it.

    Just kidding, Japanese binocular soccer is a game for brave man who don’t mind kicking at air while garbed in the finest Thing 1 and Thing 2/Where is Waldo? cross-genre sporting attire.

    “Binoccer” is an honorable game, and as you can see, it features far less flopping than international soccer matches.

    Best Part: Everything.

Fat Guy Dunk Fail

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    The word “majestic” doesn’t fully encapsulate the flight this mountain of a man took while trying to dunk at an Atlanta Hawks game.

    His attempt was so far from anything that could even be considered close, and the entertainment value only rises once you notice that he appears to be pulling up his pants before hitting the trampoline. 

Maurice Hurst’s Bulging Problem

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    ESPN anchor Steve Levy tried to keep it together after delivering what has become one of SportsCenter’s most famous on-air gaffes, but it’s difficult to carry on after a mistake like this.

    After misspeaking about running back Maurice Hurst’s bulging problems, Levy struggles to hold his laughter in and begins mispronouncing everything.

    Best Part: “Con-scerned.” and “We’re all day-to-day.”

Spider-Man Streaker Gets Away Scott-Free

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    In a flash of flesh and scarlet, this high school senior pulled off one of the greatest streaking capers of all time. 

    Not only did this young man pull off a field-spanning run, he evaded pursuit by hopping two fences and jumping into a getaway car. 

    It was almost a perfect crime—except officers were able to pull a partial tag-read off the fleeing vehicle and the identity of the self-fashioned Spider-Man was eventually figured out, and he was charged with exposing himself in public and obstruction of justice. 

    Best Part: The officer struggling to climb a small fence.

Stephan Feck Over-Rotates onto YouTube

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    YouTube should owe Stephan Feck money after performances like his botched dive at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

    As you can see, Feck lost his tuck halfway through the dive and hit the water like the flat side of a boat oar. If you were drinking anything while watching this disaster on live television, chances are you had to clean it off your screen afterward.

Bubbleball Soccer

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    Bubbleball is a dangerous game, particularly for spectators, who could choke on their refreshments or pass out from laughing just from watching this ridiculousness.

    Also worthy of noting is the fact that these bubbles provide a physical representation of the flop zone certain players in soccer have—you get within two or three feet of their body, and they’re hitting the deck.

    Best Part: Rolling goal celebration.

Ray Hudson’s Over-the-Top ‘Dream’ Commentary

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    Warning: Video contains some sexually explicit commentary. 

    Over the top commentary is Ray Hudson’s life, but the sportscaster took his call to a weird new level when he equated a free kick goal by Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo to a sexual dream fantasy.

    Also, someone apparently has a weird appreciation for the curves of animated cartoon character Jessica Rabbit.

The Worst Display of Athleticism Ever

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    Behold—a metaphor for Gonzaga’s 2013 NCAA tournament experience. 

    Everyone at this game spied Captain Beef Tips here setting up for this half-court shot and probably thought—“Alright, this person has facial hair, meaty forearms and sweatpants on. This is probably the real deal we’re looking at.”

    However, based on this shot he managed, it’s more likely this is a child with some glandular abnormality and pool noodles for arms.

    Best Part: "That was the worst display of athleticism..."

The Kwame Brown Draft

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    SportsDome’s creativity and its anchors' deadpan delivery combined for a 1-2 knockout of amazing-ness in their bit about a fake “Kwame Brown Lottery” in 2011. 

    An oft-overlooked part of this video that really seals the deal is the “facts” running at the bottom of the screen, of which include gems such as “Kwame has haunted five of six NBA Divisions.”

    Best Part: “Gonna get torpedoed either way, don’t give Kwame the satisfaction.”

SNL’s Coach Kelly Skit

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    Click here for video. 

    Saturday Night Live hit the nail perfectly on the head with “Outside the Lines” about Coach Kelly, a female version of former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice. 

    If you haven’t seen it yet, the bit features “Coach Kelly” (played by the always funny Melissa McCarthy), toaster-throwing and a t-shirt guns being used to motivate players. In other words, it’s awesome.

    Best Part: “You know why I threw a toaster at you? Because YOU’RE TOAST!”

Bob Costas Gives 'Props' to Ludacris

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    Bob Costas—America’s most trusted and professional sportscaster—rapping about getting “blunted.”

    Despite all his holier-than-thou moments, you can’t say the guy doesn’t know how to get down and dirty with some Southern-fried Ludacris lyrics. 

    Best Part: “You know, I have got to give ‘props’ to Ludacris...”

Jimmy Rollins Gives SVP Some Pro Tips

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    Good athletes pour over game tape for hours in order to improve their game.  

    Judging by this SportsCenter commercial, the same applies to news anchors like Scott Van Pelt, who sometimes have trouble keeping their upper body from jackknifing  in mid-broadcast.  

    Best Part: “Is that bad?” “It’s not good.”

Bob Knight Invites a Special Guest onto His Show

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    This is the closest Bob Knight has ever come to laughing in public. 

    Ever the warm and gracious host, the former Indiana University head coach invited a special guest to one of his tapings of the 1970s variety hour The Bob Knight Show. 

    Best Part: If you listen closely, you can hear it—when the host and crew begin laughing around the 1:25 mark, it’s because the donkey is defecating all over the floor.

Eric Barry: Horse Fear

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    We all have our strange idiosyncrasies we have to explain to our friends. 

    Common personal hangups like an aversion to spiders or clowns don’t usually turn heads, but then there’s equinophobia—the fear of horses, a terror of which Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Barry has a mean case.

    Best Part: “I ain’t worried about the chick! I’m worried about the horse!”

The Green Men Make It Rain Waffles

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    After an angry Maple Leafs fan threw waffles on the ice at the Air Canada Centre in 2010, the Vancouver Canucks green men superfans borrowed the ploy to get inside the heads of Leafs players.

    Anything that involves Charlie’s green man costume is destined to play well, but these guys took it to the next level.

    Best Part: Besides the waffles, the primo segment of this has to be the giant Naughty List the green men whip out.

The Mariners’ ‘Dancing Dad’

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    Safeco Field has a hero, and that man is an individual who isn’t afraid to freak in front of thousands of men, women and children.

    He does the Vogue, some disco moves and even cranks out a mean gator in the middle of the aisles. He obviously isn’t afraid of getting a little hot-dog gravy on his bucket hat in the name of the dance.

    Best Part: Little girl imitating him doing the robot.

Tony Gwynn Jr. Makes Hecklers Talk to the Glove

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    Instead of letting their jawing get to him, former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Tony Gywnn Jr. wrapped his glove around to his backside and let the leather do the talking during a game against the Colorado Rockies. 

    It was a classy and clever response, and even some of the Rockies fans started laughing.

    Best Part: The frustrated incoherent yelling the heckler resorted to after realizing Gwynn Jr. was destroying him.

Blue Jays Fan Loses Mind After Catching Bat

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    Behold—the craziest eyes you will ever see at a professional baseball game, or perhaps any sporting event. 

    Staring into this man’s eyes is a bit like looking into the void, and the void looking back into you. Except in this instance, the void is a gentleman of advanced years whose facial expression belies a terrifying joy for violence.

    Best Part: That face. That wild, crazy-eyed face.

Danish Golfer Takes Pants off to Hit Ball

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    No pants, no problem.

    Danish golfer Andreas Harto pulled off one of the most bizarre chip shots in golf history when he took his trousers off to shoot a ball from the edge of a water hazard onto the green at the Hassan Trophy tournament in Morocco.

    The pants-less wonder shot exhibited Harto’s dedication to the game, as well as a hilarious DGAF attitude one can only chuckle at.

    Best Part: Harto shuffling weirdly onto the green in his boy shorts, running in a completely different way than he would had he been wearing pants.

Mr. T Pities the Puck

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    What’s better than Mr. T shooting a perfect goal from mid-ice at a Chicago Blackhawks game?

    Mr. T predicting “PAIN!” and then shooting a perfect goal from mid-ice at a Blackhawks game. 

    Best Part: “HRRRRRHHH!”

Man Picks Nose at Knicks Game, Winks at Camera

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    The courtside coverage of a game between the New York Knicks and the Portland Trail Blazers received a shot of life from a silver fox of a man who can only be described as the James Bond of nose-picking.

    Seated square behind sportscasters Chris Webber and Kevin Harlan, this man slides a finger into his nose and follows the act up with a roguish wink at the camera. This is the closest picking your nose has ever come to being cool. 

    Best Part: Besides the wink, the best part here is obviously the examination the man gives his finger after he’s done digging. 

Rob Gronkowski Gives Most Gronk-Ish Interview Ever

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    A 2008 postgame interview between Rob Gronkowski and an Arizona University reporter turns into a strange situation brimming with uncomfortable sexual tension.

    Forget the “Yo Soy Fiesta” interview, this is Gronkowski in his most raw, Gronk-tastic form.

Kid Loves Candy

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    A young fan found himself mesmerized by, let’s just say, the “goodies” a young Hawks dancer was handing out to fans during a 2012 Atlanta Hawks game. 

    As it turns out, the little man is the younger brother of Hawks power forward Al Horford. It looks like Al needs to give his little bro some lessons in subtlety before he gets too old for this kind of gawking to be adorable.

    Best Part: The followup head-craning after the young lady moves on.