WWE vs.TNA Dream Supercard

Gevorg KeoseyanContributor IApril 24, 2009

I am sure everyone has dreamed of a possible WWE vs. TNA event in which the best of the WWE meet the best of TNA.

I have compiled a 14-match supercard pairing together wrestlers from both brands who may provide intriguing matchups for one reason or another. Enjoy!


Match 1: John Morrison (WWE) vs Alex Shelley (TNA)

In a matchup of cocky, young, yet unimaginably talented athletes, The Shaman of Sexy meets one half of the Motor City Machineguns in a fast-paced opening match sure to have the fans at the edge of their seats and wanting more.

Ultimately, after a high-flying back and forth match filled with several counters and jaw-dropping moves, Morrison counters Shelley in the middle of an attempted Sliced Bread No. 2 with a Springboard roundhouse kick for the three count. Winner: Morrison


Match 2: Evan Bourne (WWE) vs. Homicide (TNA)

In another fast-paced match of two of the finest high flyers the wrestling business has to offer, Evan "Air" Bourne meets one half of the Latin American Xchange. Homicide takes advantage early on and manages to toss Bourne to the outside.

Bourne takes control when he moves out of the way of Homicide's Tope con Hilo attempt. After back and forth action inside the ring, Bourne climbs up to attempt hiis patented Shooting Star Press for the win.

Homicide, who had been playing possum, meets Bourne at the top rope and tries to hit the 187. Somehow Bourne counters and pushes Homicide off the top rope.

Bourne goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Homicide moves out of the way. Homicide hooks the double underhook and hits the Gringo Killer for the win. Winner: Homicide


Match 3: Beth Phoenix (WWE) vs Awesome Kong (TNA)

Arguably the two most powerful females in pro wrestling, Beth Phoenix and Awesome Kong have decimated almost everyone in their path. Kong dominates early on with her size and strength advantage, but Phoenix manages to take control after countering an Awesome Bomb attempt.

Phoenix attempts the Glam Slam, but can not get Kong up for the ride. After a series of clotheslines, Kong sizes Phoenix up for an Implant Buster but gets distracted by Rosa Mendes at ringside.

This allows Phoenix to roll Kong up for the surprise win. Winner: Phoenix


Match 4: Kane (WWE) vs Abyss (TNA)-No DQ

No two superstars may have as similar styles as these two deranged, psychotic giants. Kane has the edge in experience, but Abyss has the edge in ability to withstand punishment.

In a match highlighted by back and forth action filled with uppercuts, lariats, and weaponry; both superstars manage to kick out of each others chokeslams.

In the end, it is Abyss who hits a devastating Black Hole Slam on a bed of thumbtacks for the pin and the win. If this match were to take place when Kane was in his prime, he undoubtedly would have been the victor. Winner: Abyss


Match 5: Christian (WWE) vs. Christopher Daniels (TNA)

It is the Unprettier (now the Killswitch) vs. the Angel's Wings in a matchup of two fine technicians in the prime of their careers.

After some initial back and forth action, Christian takes control by countering a Death Valley Driver attempt into a reverse DDT. Christian attempts the diving headbutt but Daniels moves out of the way.

More back and forth action until Daniels connects with an Enzuiguri out of nowher. Daniels climbs the top rope to attempt a BME but is unexpectedly met by Christian, who hits a huge Killswitch off the top rope for the win. Winner: Christian


Match 6: CM Punk (WWE) vs. Samoa Joe (TNA)

CM Punk vs Samoa Joe...sound familiar? In a rematch of the classic battles these two had at Ring of Honor, Samoa Joe uses his strength advantage to take early on.

CM Punk manages to land on his feet after a release German Suplex attempt by Joe and greets Joe with a series of punches, slaps, and kicks.

Punk connects with the high knee and hits the bulldog. Punk props Joe up for the Go 2 Sleep, but Joe counters and takes control. Joe tries to end the match with a Muscle Buster, but Punk somehow escapes.

Punk digs into his arsenal and locks in the Anaconda Vise. Joe struggles, but powers out of the move. Joe ducks under a roundhouse kick attempt and locks in the Kokina Clutch. After several attempts to escape, Punk taps out. Winner: Samoa Joe


Match 7: Triple H (WWE) vs. Scott Steiner (TNA)

After the horrific match these two put on at a No Way Out PPV early on in the decade, they deserve a rematch. Both men are in the latter end of their career, but only one of them still has a lot left in the tank. And that man is Triple H.

The Cerebral Assassin has an answer for everything Steiner throws at him. A spinebuster and Pedigree later, Triple H gets the pin in an easy one. Winner: Triple H


Match 8: Chris Jericho (WWE) vs. Booker T (TNA)

These crafty veteran are long removed from their WCW days over ten years ago, but can still hang with the best of them, especially Jericho. Booker T has the edge early on with a series of knees to the face of Y2J.

Jericho makes a comeback and hits a Northern Lights Suplex. Jericho goes for the Lionsault, but Booker T moves out of the way. More back and forth action, until Booker hits a Book End out of nowhere.

Somehow, Jericho gets a shoulder up. Booker prepares for an Axe Kick and is met by Jericho who takes Booker's legs out from under him and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Booker manages to power out and takes control with a roundhouse kick.

Booker showboats while Jericho makes it to his feet. Booker T turns around right into a perfect Codebreaker. Winner: Jericho


Match 9: Edge (WWE) vs. Kevin Nash (TNA)

Unlike many of the aforementioned matches, this match features two wrestlers of contrasting styles. Edge uses his speed and technical advantage to take control early on in the match.

Big Sexy attempts a clothesline that Edge counters into an Edge-O-Matic for a two count. After trading punches, Nash takes the edge (no pun intended) with a knee to the gut. A sideslam followed by a chokeslam earns Big Sexy a two count.

Nash attempts a big boot, as Edge moves out of the way. The boot hits the ref, knocking him out. Edge with a low blow on Nash. Edge grabs a steel chair and connects with the Impaler DDT on the chair.

Edge stalks Nash for a spear as the ref makes it to his feet. Nash counters with a big boot and goes for the Jacknife. As Nash lifts Edge up, Edge counters and hits a spear for the pin. Winner: Edge


Match 10: Jeff Hardy (WWE) vs. AJ Styles (TNA)

In quite possibly the most intriguing match of the night, the Charismatic Enigma meets The Phenomenal One. Is it going to be the Twist of Fate or the Styles Clash, the Whisper in the Wind or the Pele Kick, the Swanton Bomb or the Spiral Tap.

In an exciting back and forth match of two of the most entertaining individuals in pro wrestling today, DDTs, Peles, Whisper in the Winds, high flying moves, punches, and kicks are not enough to keep each man down.

After over 15 minutes of battle, Styles goes for the Spiral Tap. Hardy moves out of the way and then connects with a Twist of Fate. Styles still kicks out and Hardy prepares for the Swanton Bomb. Styles moves out of the way.

As both men struggle to their feet, it is Styles who recovers first and hits the Styles Clash for the win. Winner: Styles


Match 11: John Cena (WWE) vs. Mick Foley (TNA) - Hardcore Match

WWE's biggest draw meets the Hardcore Legend in a match of Foley's choosing...a Hardcore match. Foley uses his experience to gain the advantage and it isn't long until he brings weapons into play.

A barriage of chair shots to Cena is not enough to keep him down. The Champ finally takes control and hits a Protobomb. As Cena signals for the 5-Knuckle Shuffle, he pauses and wraps his fist around with barbed wire that Foley had brought out. 5-Knuckle Shuffle with the barbed wire around his hand busts Foley wide open.

Cena hits the Attitude Adjuster but Foley kicks out. Cena locks in the STF and Foley remains in the hold for over a minute, screaming in agony. Foley finally makes it to the ropes and eventually hits a double arm DDT out of nowhere.

Foley is slow to the cover and Cena kicks out. Foley with another double arm DDT, this time on a steel chair, but Cena still kicks out (as he always does). Foley pulls out Mr. Socko and applies the Mandible Claw.

With the Claw on, Cena powers Foley up for another Attitude Adjuster for the 1, 2, 3. Winner: Cena


Match 12: Randy Orton (WWE) vs. Kurt Angle (TNA)

The two top heels in both companies square off. The two stars size each other up before finally locking up. Orton with a headlock on Angle, who counters Orton into the ropes. The superstars exchange headlocks and European Uppercuts.

Angle finally takes control with a huge belly to belly. Angle unleashes his arsenal of suplexes as Orton struggles to create some offense. Angle attempts an Olympic Slam that Orton counters into an inverted backbreaker. Angle and Orton make it to a vertical base and Orton shoots Angle off to the ropes and hits a powerslam.

Orton stalks for an RKO, but Angle shoves Orton off. Drop toe hold by Angle into an Ankle Lock. Orton writhes in pain until he finally manages to escape. RKO out of nowhere, but Angle manages to get a shoulder up.

Orton stalks Angle for a Punt, but evoids the move and hits an Olympic Slam. Like Angle before, Orton kicks out. Angle locks in the Ankle Lock and Orton can't escape. Before Orton can tap out, Legacy enter the ring and attack Angle.

Angle is awarded the victory by DQ. Orton leaves his mark though, as he sends Angle to concussion city with a devastating Punt to the skull. Winner: Angle by DQ


Match 13: Shawn Michaels (WWE) vs. Jeff Jarrett (TNA)

The Heartbreak Kid meets the TNA founder in a matchup of about 40 years of combined wrestling experience. Jarrett takes the advantage upon the initial lockup and drills Michaels with a variety of attacking moves.

Michaels tries to come back, but is met with a Spinebuster by Jarrett. Jarrett picks Michaels up to a vertical base as Michaels fights back with a series of chops and punches. HBK hits a back suplex and attempts a Russian Leg Sweep that Jarrett counters with a Stroke.

The resilient HBK manages to kick out before the count of three. A frustrated Jarrett takes control again, and eventually attempts another Stroke. This time HBK counters and locks on a Crossface.

Jarrett makes it to the ropes and HBK is forced to break the hold. Jarrett hits an atomic drop, then shoots HBK off with an Irish Whip. Michaels with a flying forearm and both men are down.

HBK kips up, hits a scoop slam and attempts a diving elbow drop. Jarrett moves out of the way and applies a Figure Four on Michaels. Michaels screams in pain as he manages to turn over and shift the pressure onto Jarrett who now breaks the hold.

As both men make it to their feet, Jarrett attempts an Enzuiguri that HBK counters and hits a neckbreaker. Michaels tunes up the band and attempts Sweet Chin Music. Jarrett ducks out of the way and attempts to hit another Stroke.

HBK counters and pushes Jarrett to the ropes. Jarrett turns around to Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere. Winner: Michaels


Main Event: The Undertaker (WWE) vs. Sting (TNA)

In a matchup of arguably two of the 10 greatest pro wrestlers of all time, it is Icon vs. Phenom as Sting meets The Undertaker. The Deadman takes control from the initial lockup and dominates the majority of the matchup.

The Undertaker punishes Sting with a series of punches and slams. Undertaker hits his Snake Eyes, big boot, leg drop combination as Sting struggles to gain some offense. Undertaker stalks for a Chokeslam, but Sting counters with a kick to the gut and a DDT. Sting tries to lock in the Scorpion Deathlock early on but Undertaker kicks Sting out of the way.

Undertaker hits a devastating Chokeslam, yet only manages a two count. Undertaker signals for the Tombstone, but Sting counters and takes the offensive. After a series of punches to the Deadman, Stinger shoots Undertaker off into the turnbuckle. Sting connects with consecutive Stinger Splashes.

Sting goes for a third splash, but Undertaker moves out of the way and coils Sting's arm before climbing the top rope. Undertaker hits Old School and prepares for another Chokeslam.

Sting counters and hits a Scorpion Death Drop out of nowhere. Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock and the Undertaker remains in the hold for almost a minute until finally powering out.

Sting tries to pick Undertaker up, but gets surprised with the Hell's Gate. Sting makes it to the ropes forcing Undertaker to break the hold. Undertaker takes control as the match moves to the outside.

The two superstars brawl outside as Undertaker hits his Guillotine leg drop. In the ring once more, Undertaker attempts a Tombstone that Sting counters into anther Scorpion Death Drop. Sting is very slow to the cover as Undertaker kicks out.

Sting uncharacteristically climbs the top rope and attempts a cross body...only to be caught by Taker who hits a picture perfect Tombstone for the pin and the win. Winner: The Undertaker

Well I hope you enjoyed my fantasy WWE vs TNA match card and I would like to add that I had to omit certain stars such as Batista and Rey Mysterio simply due to the fact that the WWE is stacked with talent in comparison to the smaller TNA.


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