WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 20, 2013

WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

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    Much of the WWE-related news and tidbits on social media outlets this week had a championship theme.

    A pair of champions took on alter egos. A man back in the hunt for the WWE title got too aggressive on Twitter. A brand-new champion had some geographical confusion.

    WWE title belts past and present are featured heavily here as well.

    From WWE's postings on Facebook to tweets that no longer exist, here are the best and most interesting WWE social media stuff of the week.

April 13: B-Dazzle and Kurly Kane

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    Just when you thought the fun was gone from Daniel Bryan and Kane's partnership, Team Hell No goes and performs a rap song.

    WWE's Facebook page linked to an episode of The JBL & Cole Show which featured Yoshi Tatsu playing the guitar and later Bryan performing as B-Dazzle. Kane donned a red Kangol hat and provided the beat-boxing. Hornswoggle later gets involved.

    Is their song stupid? Yes indeed, but it's plenty fun as well.

April 13: WWE Title Designs

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    The Rock revealed the revamped WWE title in February.  Say what you want about the oversized logo and how much it departs from the championship belts of yesteryear, it's undoubtedly better looking than many of the proposed designs.

    WWE showed fans on its Facebook page some of the other designs that it considered. The alternate WWE title design photo gallery showed belts that ranged from cartoony to gaudy.

    It makes one better appreciate what the company finally came up with. To further that appreciation, check out the WWE.com article about the making of the new title.

April 16: Brought It Back Home

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    Kofi Kingston had a happy tax day when he pinned Antonio Cesaro for the United States title. Cesaro claimed that no American could beat him for the championship. Turns out, he was right.

    Kofi is from Ghana and pretended to be Jamaican in the early part of his career. That didn't stop new US title holder Kofi from proclaiming that he "brought it back home." Twitter was home to many jokes about that statement, including this amusing one from the self-proclaimed Jerichoholic @JoeyWWEfan.

    I think Kofi Kingston needs to be more wise with his words. twitter.com/JoeyWWEFan/sta…

    — Y2J's Aussie Friend. (@JoeyWWEFan) April 16, 2013

April 16: Fan Signs

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    Bringing a clever sign can be an exciting part of the WWE fan experience, unless of course it says "Raw is Generico"  (h/t WrestlingInc.com) then you may be asked to leave the building.

    WWE posted on its Facebook page a link to a photo gallery of amusing and creative fan signs from the week.

    A guy in a Razor Ramon T-shirt held up a sign for Jack Swagger that read, "Deport me." One fan announced that he was in love with Mae Young. Another proposed a WrestleMania streak vs. streak match between Undertaker (21-0) and Fandango (1-0).

    The only guarantee is that match would have the longest pair of entrances in WWE history.

April 17: Word Life United States Championship

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    John Cena famously brought the spinner title to the WWE when he became world champ. Before that, he customized the United States title. WWE's Instagram showed off a pic of that boldly-designed championship.

    This is certainly not the belt that Wahoo McDaniel, Terry Funk and Ric Flair won and lost all those years ago.

    This is yet another instance of an image making fans appreciate the current WWE title belt even more. WWE's title belts should be fun, but shouldn't look like something that dropped out of a gumball machine.

April 17: Rasheed Wallace

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    In distantly related WWE news, the sports entertainment company was mentioned when SportsNation tweeted about Rasheed Wallace's retirement thanks to his love of replica WWE title belts.

    Former NBA All-Star (and WWE Champ) Rasheed Wallace retires! #SHEEEED twitter.com/SportsNation/s…

    — SportsNation (@SportsNation) April 17, 2013

    Someone please let SportsNation know that the former Detroit Piston and Portland Trail Blazer is in fact holding the World Heavyweight Championship and not the WWE Championship. Wallace had his nickname "Roscoe" put on the nameplate, which is at least a better wrestling name than Dolph Ziggler.

April 17: Ryback

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    Ryback's recently ignited feud with John Cena led to his tweet total shrinking down to one. He got a little heated and personal with Cena by way of his Twitter account.

    Outlets like WrestlingInc.com reported that Ryback referenced Cena's ex-wife in a tweet that has since been erased. The tweet apparently read, "Watching the pain on Cena's face was worth standing back for. Funny the 2 things he says I lack his ex wife seems to love. #RybackRules."

    Either Ryback had second thoughts about that statement or more likely WWE disapproved. The only tweet Ryback had after his profile got stripped down was the following one.

    If you have something worth fighting for you have to fight for it. Being bred to b scared is the problem. Rules will be broken. #RybackRules

    — Ryback (@Ryback22) April 17, 2013



April 18: Orlando Training Facility

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    Stephanie McMahon posted on her Twitter profile the recent news that WWE will be building a training center in Orlando.

    Jon Busdeker of the Orlando Sentinel reported that the center "will have seven wrestling rings and a sound stage" as well as "strength-and-conditioning and physical-therapy areas." It certainly sounds more state-of-the-art than Stu Hart's dungeon. 

    The article McMahon links to includes fun photos of wrestlers like Mason Ryan and Corey Graves participating in tearing down a wall with sledgehammers. WWE is wisely streamlining its developmental program, first with having NXT tape at Full Sail University and now devoting funds to this training hub.

    New WWE training center in Orlando orlandosentinel.com/news/local/bre… @tripleh #buildingthefuture

    — Stephanie McMahon (@StephMcMahon) April 18, 2013