Triple H Talks About the Attitude Era, His Career and Lack of Video Game Skills

Bill Atkinson@@BAtkinson1963Analyst IApril 19, 2013

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Many fans within the WWE Universe continue to pine for the days of the Attitude Era, the period that put WWE firmly on the worldwide entertainment map.

While today’s WWE has made a vow to keep the family-friendly PG product in place, one of the architects of the Attitude Era says he looks back on that period with an appreciation he did not have while it was going on.

In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Triple H said that appreciation came to light when he and other stars of that time gathered to do voice-overs for the WWE ’13 video game. The latest installment of the popular WWE video game series has a heavy dose of Attitude Era in it:

We were all so wrapped up in what we were doing, and it was so competitive with each other. It’s only now that I think we can look back and go, ‘Wow. That was a pretty special time, and we shared some pretty special things all together and made history.’ I think at the time you’re doing it, you realize it’s going well, but you’re just so deep in there that you can’t even fathom really what you’re doing.

Triple H (real name: Paul Levesque) told Forbes that the Attitude Era performers were “given a little bit of free reign” to go out and do the crazy antics. It might have been branded by many as too risqué because of the focus on violence and sex, but Triple H said in the interview that the Attitude Era was “a lot of fun.”

Now 43, Triple H realizes he is closer to the end of his in-ring career than the beginning. He has slowly prepared for life after the ring by taking an interest in the business side of WWE. He now serves as the company’s executive vice president of talent and live events, which means he takes an active role in recruiting performers and creating storylines.

In the Forbes interview, Triple H admitted anytime he steps in the ring, he understands it could be his final match. But he adds he is okay with that because he has had a great career:

I’ve done everything I wanted to do in this business. I’ll never leave this business. It’s ironic. Years ago when I said it about being in the game, you know that statement was really about the business. It was about being a student of the game and about this business and when I say the game will never die, I truly mean that. None of us are bigger than this.

While he might be known as “The Game,” Triple H told Forbes he knows absolutely nothing about how to play a video game. As he puts it, any advice he would give to a gamer “would probably surely cause their demise in the game.”


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