TUF: We Should Be Proud Of Our Boys

Mark HoppsCorrespondent IApril 23, 2009

Please bare in mind that I am from the UK and do not see the new episodes of The Ultimate Fighter until Sundays.

This article is simply to acknowledge the initial behaviours of the TUF contestants with the exception on "Junior Juni Browning."

I was expecting fire works from both UK and USA teams from the outset; however, the maturity shown between the teams was outstanding.

The talk they all had when they settled into the house and Browning decided to cause problems was a show of class from both the UK and USA teams.

The aggreements made to avoid any pranks including "bodily fluids" was a good one and I'm glad that the first time the UK team are on the show they seem to be representing us very well.

There has of course been rivalry and the usual making fun of people which I have no doubt will escalate into some slightly more serious encounters, but living in that house with two teams hell bent on kicking each others ass, it's bound to.

This could be the season of The Ultimate Fighter that's sets the bench mark, the one that nay sayers cannot criticize.

TUF is responsible for champions and the rising popularity of the sport, and it deserves its place in MMA history. I have always loved the show, but at times I questioned my love of it. At times I have thought, "do I want the uninformed watching this and thinking this is what MMA is?" But I have said no to that thought.

Only two things so far have been less than commendable, Browning and the American teams initial try out. On the whole, it was excellent, but a couple of people let the US guys down.

This, thankfully, has been rectified and I am more excited now than I have ever been about TUF.

We should all be proud of our boys, UK and USA alike. May the best team win.