WWE Composer Jim Johnston Deserves to Be in Hall of Fame

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 18, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

It's hard to imagine what WWE would be like without Jim Johnston, the man who penned so many of the company's greatest entrance themes.

Even though he has never laced up a pair of boots or trash-talked someone on the microphone, Johnston is the most deserving candidate for the WWE Hall of Fame who is not already in. Few men have had a greater impact on the company than him.

Try to picture a WWE without Steve Austin's music or Randy Orton's theme. Take away The Undertaker's haunting soundtrack. Have Ultimate Warrior come out to something other than his frenetic theme.

That's what WWE would sound like without Johnston.

For decades, Johnston has been furthering wrestlers' characters, elevating WWE entertainment and being a major part of why fans scream as their favorite star heads to the ring.

The Hall of Fame is filled with wrestlers, celebrities, managers and stables. There has yet to be a songwriter and Johnston should be the first. He has been the best in his field by a mile.

He has been WWE's resident sound artist since the '80s. He has created memorable themes that fit stars perfectly. From Triple H to The Shield, Johnston has found the perfect melodies to match the men and women in the ring's personas.

Music is as big a part of WWE's spectacle as the high-flying moves, the steel cage or the litany of catchphrases printed on T-shirts. When someone's rival comes out to challenge them, the first thing fans experience is their music. It's part of the moving, entrancing entrances that happen on every episode of Raw and pay-per-view.

Stone Cold Steve Austin's charisma and ability were certainly responsible for the thunderous reaction he got in arenas around the county, but the sound of glass breaking and that chugging guitar that welcomed him in was a vital part of the package.

The same is true for countless WWE stars.

Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig, D-Generation X, Kurt Angle, The Rock, Kane, Bret Hart and Brock Lesnar can all thank Johnston for providing the ideal music for them.  

There is no one specific era in which Johnston thrived. For his entire tenure, he has been churning out hits. He nailed it when asked to provide Ultimate Warrior's music and is still giving the likes of Ryback and Antonio Cesaro impactful themes. Johnston has kept his momentum going for three decades now.

That much success for that long should equal automatic induction alongside the men whose songs he created.

For providing so many fitting soundtracks, for creating so many powerful moments with his compositions, Johnston is long overdue for a place in the WWE Hall of Fame.