The Real Nationwide Points Standings

David PhillipsAnalyst IApril 23, 2009

LAS VEGAS - FEBRUARY 28:  Jason Leffler, driver of the #38 Great Clips Toyota, drives during the NASCAR Nationwide Series Sam's Town 300 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on February 28, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)

Let me start by saying I have eliminated all drivers who run a full Sprint Cup schedule from my Nationwide races and points system to form the REAL Nationwide Results.

Friday night in Phenoix, Arizona, saw points leader Jason Leffler bring the No. 38 Great Clips Chevy to the winner's cirlcle.

Rounding out the top five are:

2. Brad Keslowski

3. Brenden Gaughan

4. Justin Alligaeir

5. Mike Bliss


I determined the points system each week using the current Nationwide system, removing all Cup guys, and moving the Nationwide drivers up in to those spots.

Also, I removed any bonus points from the drivers, even if they did lead a lap. There's just no way to tell who or how many laps they would have lead without the Cup guys being there.



Nationwide Points Standings


1. Jason Leffler

2. Brad Keselowski—84

3. Brenden Gaughan—121

4. Justin Alligaer—144

5. Steven Wallace—157

6. Jason Keller—181

7. Mike Bliss—186

8. Micheal McDowell—202

9. Scott Laggasse Jr.—224

10. Kenny Wallace—259

11. Michael Annett—267

12. Tony Raines—338

13. David Green—362

14. Eric McClure—362

15. Branden Whitt—377

16. Jon Wes Townley—379

17. Danny O' Quinn—414

18. Morgan Shepard—418



                                                Mathmatically Eliminated


19. Kenny Hendricks

20. Scott Wimmer

21. D.J. Kennington

22. Brian Keselowski

23. Burney Lamar

24. Casey Atwood

25. Robert Richardson III

26. Ken Butler III

27. Terry Cook

28. Dennis Setzer

29. Kelly Bires

30. Kertus Davis

31. Kevin Hamlin

32. Andy Poinstein

33. Mark Green

34. Brian Scott

35. Shelby Howard

36. Stanton Barrett

37. Johnny Chapman

38. Mark Green

39. Scott Gaylord

40.J.C Stout

41. Stephen Licht

42. Mike Wallace

43. Trevor Bayne

44. Payton Sellers

45. Mike Harmon

46. Marc Davis

47. John Boreman III

48. Donnie Nuenberger

49. Austin Dillion

50. Tim Andrews

51. Justin Ashburn

52. Benny Gordon

53. J. Clements

54. Derrick Cope

55. Steve Grissom—1080


This concludes the REAL Nationwide Points. Let me know what you think. This took a lot of time, so I hope you like it.



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