Bennie Logan: Video Highlights for LSU Defensive Tackle

Marlon Maloney@@marlonmaloneyCorrespondent IApril 27, 2013

Bennie Logan: Video Highlights for LSU Defensive Tackle

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    Bennie Logan doesn't have the pizzazz of some of LSU's recent defensive tackle prospects, but he has shown signs of becoming the type of player who will develop into an every-down 4-3 defensive tackle.

    He will needs to work on developing more moves in his pass-rushing arsenal, but he flashes a quick get-off and does a great job of controlling his blocker, shedding him and locating the man with the ball.

    Let's take a look at some of Logan's highlights as a Tiger. 

Batting Down Passes vs. Ole Miss, 2012

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    J.J. Watt really brought batted-down passes to the forefront with his play in 2012. Having defensive linemen bat down passes is invaluable to the success of a defense.

    Logan does a great job of gaining extension and controlling blockers. The ability to consistently gain extension is key for a defender if he is unable to reach the quarterback before his throw. 

    With time and practice, Logan can make getting his hands up one of his greatest assets as a defensive tackle.

Play Recognition and Awareness vs. LSU, 2012

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    One of Logan's best attributes is his ability to be constantly aware of what the offense is doing. He doesn't quite possess the strength to take full advantage, but since he's able to quickly diagnose plays, he has been able to be a solid contributor even when beaten.

    In this play, he instantly knows that the blocker is going to try and cut him. Logan instead keeps his legs back, dodges the block and works his way down the line of scrimmage to stop the play.

Pass-Rush Ability and Speed vs. Auburn and Florida, 2012

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    When Logan is able to blow past blockers with a quick first step, he possesses the speed to quickly close on a quarterback and make the sack.

    While he didn't exactly light up the stat sheet with his sack numbers, the ability to put pressure on a quarterback from up the middle is what causes the most problems for quarterbacks.

Agility and Positioning vs. LSU, 2012

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    Because he doesn't have the best strength to force his way past blockers, Logan relies on his agility and awareness to maintain a presence in games.

    On this play, Logan is solidly blocked by the opposing lineman, but because of his ability to gain separation he is able to fill the running lane and force the running back to hesitate.