Must See: Bemidji Beaver Nation by Matt Brown

Miikeee D.Correspondent IApril 23, 2009

Here is a rallying song for the late Bemidji University Beavers hockey club composed by Matt Brown over MIA’s "Swaggar Like Us". The song has decent poetic flow by a hockey boy from Minnesota. More importantly, the tune celebrates the unbelievable season that Bemidji had this season.

They were ranked as the sixteenth team out of sixteen teams going into the NCAA Frozen Four tournament, and made it to the National semi-finals.

As mentioned in previous posts, I followed Bemidji’s run attentively as I have a friend who is on the club. It is coincidental that the Beavers were beaten by Miami (Ohio), because I have another friend who is a hockey alumni from there.

The news isn’t all bad for Bemidji, as the Boston Bruins announced today that they have signed Beaver goaltender, Matt Dalton, to an entry-level contract.