College Football Game Wish List

David HedlindAnalyst IIApril 23, 2009

Do you ever sit back and look at two teams and think “Wow, I would love to see them play each other?"

I know I have. That’s why I made this list.

These are the games I want to see, not necessarily due to the matchups or two power teams; there are just games with a story behind them.

Some reasons are legit. Some just make me laugh. Either way, let me know what you think.

Kentucky at Oregon

It would have to be sooner than later and it has to be at Oregon. I want to see Rich Brooks coach a game on the field at Autzen Stadium, which is named for him.

He is retiring soon, though, so we will probably never see it.

Rutgers vs. Florida International

It is said that Rutgers played Princeton in the very first college football game. Florida International started its football program not even a decade ago. One of the first schools to play football vs. the newest.

Boise State vs. Colorado

Coach Dan Hawkins left Boise State for Colorado in 2006. It is not uncommon for coaches to play their old team. This one hasn’t happened yet, though.

Utah vs. Florida

Speaking of coaches playing their old teams, here is another one I would like to see. I have to admit though, I think I would have liked to have seen it more last season than anytime in the future.

Syracuse vs. Stanford

We could call it the Crayola Bowl, since their nicknames are colors.

Oregon vs. Oklahoma

I think it is obvious why I would want to see this one.

Here are the stipulations, though:

-Played at a neutral field.
-Either a neutral officiating crew from an outside conference, or a mixed officiating crew of veteran Pac-10 and Big XII officials.


USC fan: “It was a split title.”

LSU fan: “We won the BCS championship game. We are the champions.”


Play it out, even if it is, like, six years later.

Hawaii vs. Boston College

These two are the farthest west and farthest east. For some reason, that makes me want to see it. I would stipulate equal travel, but I think that would put it in the ocean, so a game in California would work.

Stanford vs. Michigan

Did anyone else want to see this, after the comments Stanford head coach Harbaugh made a couple years ago?

UAB vs. Army

Really, though, this comes down to the mascots or a dragon and a knight. I hope I don’t need to say much more than that.

Schools with the same Mascot

Troy vs. USC

San Jose State vs. Michigan State

Eastern Michigan vs. Boston College

Oklahoma State vs. Wyoming

NC State vs. Nevada

Ole Miss vs. UNLV

Louisville vs. Ball State

Miami vs. Tulsa

USF vs. Buffalo

Pitt vs. FIU

Air Force vs. Bowling Green

Boise State vs. Western Michigan

Duke vs. Arizona State

Baylor vs. Cal

Army vs. Rutgers vs. UCF

Uconn vs. Washington vs. Northern Illinois

Temple vs. Rice vs. FAU

BYU vs. Washington State vs. Houston

Texas A&M vs. Utah State vs. New Mexico State

Georgia vs. Fresno State vs. Mississippi State vs. Louisiana Tech

Kentucky vs. Arizona vs. Northwestern vs. Kansas State

Auburn vs. Clemson vs. Missouri vs. LSU vs. Memphis