Odds USC Beats Texas A&M, Florida and LSU in Chase for 5-Star WR Speedy Noil

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIApril 17, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Wide receiver Speedy Noil is one of the better receivers in the 2014 class and his top four would suggest the same: LSU, Texas A&M, Florida and USC. 

The 5-star wideout is 5'10.5'', 176 pounds and runs a 4.45 40-yard dash, according to 247Sports. He's ranked as the No. 9 wide receiver in the 2014 class and the No. 6 player from the state of Louisiana, according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings.

He's fast, athletic and projects to be a playmaker at the college level. Without a doubt, Noil is going to represent a huge commitment for one of those programs.

LSU is the in-state program, Texas A&M is a given right now considering the Aggies hype and Florida is a national power on the verge of great things.

How does USC fit into this equation, though?

Lane Kiffin's program has been hot and cold in the past year, but there's no doubting the fact that USC is still a marquee destination and the Trojans are still a draw with elite recruits.

In fact, here's what Noil had to say about USC, according to a report from Greg Ostendorf of ESPN.com (subscription required):

USC: “They have the top two wide receivers that go over 1,000 yards with 10 catches a game. I’m looking forward to seeing that system. That’s why they’re in my top four.” 

It's worth noting that Noil had great things to say about the other three programs on his list as well, so make sure you check out Ostendorf's report if you have an insider account.

USC is the only program out of the top four that hasn't received a visit from Noil yet, but he is planning on visiting during the summer, per Ostendorf. 

As far as the odds of USC landing Noil are concerned, it's still very early, but right now they just don't look that good.

LSU seems to have a big in-state advantage, but Noil admitted to wanting to see what the Tigers new offense will look like under Cam Cameron. That's understandable, but the fact still remains that LSU is still just about an hour and a half away from New Orleans, where Noil lives. 

For Texas A&M, as long as the Aggies feature a wide open offense and a great quarterback in control of said offense, they're a great option for a quick and athletic receiver like Noil—who could really thrive in their system.

The odds Noil lands at either LSU or Texas A&M are high, with LSU having an edge. I would put LSU at 2-to-1 and the Aggies at 3-to-1.

Note: 10/10 experts predicted LSU for Noil in the 247Sports Crystal Ball

Noil talked about Florida wanting to use him in the Wildcat as a receiver or quarterback, and that's an intriguing enough option to put the Gators at 7-to-1.

USC will come in at 9-to-1 in my odds. 

There's still plenty of time for these to shake up (Noil is planning on announcing at the Under Armour All-America Game, per Ostendorf) and that potential visit to USC in the summer could be a pivotal moment for the Trojans.

For now, though, USC may be in Noil's top four, but the Trojans' odds of out-recriting LSU, Texas A&M and Florida aren't that good. 


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